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  1. Yes the tyres need to be replaced but with the ayc it could be a sign that the car has not been cared for/thrashed. Might be worth paying the dealership a visit and sussing things out.
  2. Stalactites fight in Melbourne

    Cheap ass chick at the end wants a refund on her souvlaki, gold.
  3. New owner of a blue s15 spec R

    Looks clean mate, good pickup whats the future plans for it?
  4. NISSAN 1999 parts

    Must of had one of those rare red speckle sr20's in it hence the price.
  5. What cars have you driven/owned

    TF Magna and VT Commodore, both were the family trucksters
  6. things that annoy you

    When f**ks cough or sneeze on you. Had a *milkshake* do this today at work whilst i was eating lunch, learn some manners you karrrntt!!!
  7. ^^^ And what's the point of your post??
  8. ^^ Still too wide. You are better off looking at something like 18x9 +30 all around and still be able to have decent rubber on the car.
  9. S15 Newbie from Sydney

    Looking good i like where this is heading
  10. Stan is back, Cars and Girls

    Bloke sounds like he's pushing out a massive log
  11. Street/hoon behaviour penalties

    Sounds like you got off fairly lightly considering you are on your p's.

    The car has to be pretty standard to pass. I got epa'd in my s15 a few years back it was a pain in the arse to pass. From memory there are only 2/3 places in Melbourne you can go to get cleared. I had to remove the following: - turbo back to stock - injectors back to stock - ecu back to stock - boost controller taken out - standard cams put back in - stock exhaust - new intercooler pipes( as i didnt have an allowance for a bov) - stock intake/airbox put back on I left the aftermaket front and dump on the car but had a stock cat back when i was tested it passed by 1db. Just the perils of having a modified car in Melbourne. Best of luck with what you choose to do mate.