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  1. Additionally, online shopping is as real as your local shopping mart. But if you ask me if it is safe, it's true. Well, in fact, security is getting better everyday, not like 10 years ago. Sooner or later you will realize that it's better than shopping locally, which is sometimes tedious and physically draining. Please note that you will be safe if you buy from familiar brands. Check the website carefully, if it doesn't have an SSL encryption then ditch that website. Research the retailer before buying. I recommend using Paypal or WorldPay. Keep your cards checked as well if you have performed online transaction. Lastly, please do not use public WIFI when you buy online, especially making online payments.
  2. I have helped my friend last 2019 to install that. Hopefully this will give you an idea, at least a little bit. You can try this: So here goes... Pre-swap Mods -These are things which could be done before you even get your CA and will help to get your chassis ready for the new turbo engine later on. A. The Radiator: a radiator that comes into your vehicle is most likely over a decade old and was not actually designed for the heating requirements of a turbo motor. Often times a new single core radiator with a greater pressure cap and electrical fans are plenty enough. Should you install a new radiator, then flush out the system quite well before installing the new centre. B.Oil Cooler: Oil coolers are often overlooked but should not be. The EDM CA's all had oil coolers stock (though crappy) and I think for good reason. This is another modification which may be put on the KA and swapped over to the CA with a the small issue in regards swap time. C.Gauges: A boost gauge is crucial. Individuals will rag on me for this, but I would also say a narrow-band AFR gauge. NO! They are not accurate! But they are better than nothing and far less expensive than a wide-band. An oil pressure gauge is also quite good to have as the idiot light on the dashboard will normally tell you after it is already too late. And ultimately a gas pressure gauge, as you may need this to adjust your fuel pressure with the aftermarket FPR needed with the Walbro you may wish to install when you really get the CA. D.Ground Wire Kit: This is optional but certainly useful. Once again this can typically be converted into the new motor in the future later on. This will lessen the stress and noise in the electric system. It might free up a small bit of HP since the alternator won't have to work too hard, but it will also offer the ECU more precise information from its various detectors and help smooth out the idle.
  3. Of course! I buy online all the time. What I recommend for you is that you buy these parts online and pay them by COD (Cash On Delivery.) There were lots of online scams before, but you could prevent this if you opt to get the parts paid right after the delivery. Also, you would have to check the site if it is reputable or not. You will be safe if you order on Amazon or any other e-commerce shop that's being advertised on your television.