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  1. Hi guys i just recently joined this page and haven't found much of anything on my topic and sorry if there has been. I have a 2001 Nissan 200sx S15 Spec R, as far as my modifications go, i bought it stock 6 months ago and have just taken it easy. All i have done is Nistune ECU (which is the stock ecu just fully unlocked), BLITZ front mount Intercooler, Turbo Smart Manual T boost controller, Z32 MAF sensor, removed my CAT, pod filter, and have tuned it a couple times. First time tuning it (i only had boost controller and pod filter) i ended up blowing the head from one of the plugs dropping an electrode and destroying a couple valves. So i fully fixed and re-did the head and all gaskets from the head up. So i fixed it and re-tuned it. Then i put my intercooler in and got it re-tuned and it made 235hp at 18psi but a first peak of 20psi of boost (my tuner talked to nistune and they said 20psi is completely fine to run) and had no dramas at all for 2 months. I put it down the strip and ran a 13.3 @ 163kph. Again still no issues. Then all of a sudden one night heading out to a car meet it started surging at 60km in 4th. So i pulled over made sure no vacuum hoses or intercooler pipes had blown but nothing. So i started and kept driving Gin and it was fine, about 3 hours later i was home and went to go out again. Then all of a sudden it started mis-firing and almost stalling. So i stopped it, put it away and left it until the morning. So the next day i checked the plugs (which i only replaced about 4 weeks prior) and they had a fair bit of shit on them so i replaced them cause i always have 3 sets laying there just incase (i run ngk BKR6EY's). So i started it, it ran perfect while cold, and after about 10 minutes as soon as it heated up it started misfiring and carrying on. So i rechecked all my intercooler piping and vacuum lines again and they were all good. I then ordered a new maf sensor and got it nicely wired up at a mates workshop. After the maf sensor was fitted it ran like crap and wouldn't let me go over 2000rpm in any gear (as it would not being synced to my ecu yet. I took it to my tuners again to match the new maf sensor to my ecu. I got it back today, we took it for a drive and he said this has fixed it cause my stock maf was maxed outbut it wouldn't let me go over 3000rpm in 1st,, 2nd and 3rd. But in 4th it would struggle but be able to push through it and 5th and 6th didn't change at that rpm. He then changed a few things and got rid of that issue. We then checked to make sure it wasn't surging while cruising and it was fine. It was running rich but he wanted me to drive it for a week and see how it goes as wants it back this Sunday. But now all of a sudden i was driving tonight and it started surging at 60km again, well in fact its surging whenever i'm cruising at any speed. But if i'm accelerating or under any sort of hesitates and then all of a sudden jumps and takes off. I noticed its also slightly misfiring again. I was just wondering if anyone knows what could be the issue if anyones had the same problem. My thoughts were maybe compressor surge or my coilpacks or injectors are stuffed but yeah. Feel free to ask questions and what not if you need more info. Cheers, Harley