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  1. Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott?

    I'm about to go to bed, I'll type something up tomorrow the crux of which will be Labor > Liberal at economic management... I voted today, put a couple of the smaller parties first followed by labor, then the independents then the greens then clive then katter and finally liberals.
  2. How strict are the cops about speeding here?

    Are you saying that government officials can get away with speeding? What type of government official? I am curious to know what you mean mate. I wish I could remember some cases to quote, but there have been quite a few instances of traffic offenses being swept under the carpet, and only coming to light because of some other investigation. Higher-ups in the government get mental pay too, so affording good lawyers isn't issue too. Hell if John Singleton, a wealthy and influential business man, can get a 165kmph NSW speeding fine dropped, what do you think someone with actual authority can do? http://www.parliamen...y/LC19970923013 Mate, these are the people with something to lose, they just pay the fine... Also on what planet would a lawyer be cheaper than a fine?
  3. tax times fun times

    Should have done that at the start of the year you crazy bastard
  4. Bit off topic, but is your nickname 'The *milkshake* Destroyer'?
  5. Anyone recognise this colour?

  6. 2013 resolutions

    1. Do a 360 on my snowboard 2. Do more than 22 days at the slopes 3. Don't get eaten by a shark before winter 4. Don't go in the ocean once winter starts 5. Get at least 18/20 on my next performance review 6. Join an archery club EDIT: Go faster than 59kmh on my board...
  7. Also wouldn't shock me if it was an elaborate revenge prank...
  8. Ok: 1. The nurse SHOULD have followed procedure and identified the caller properly, the only person to blame for her not doing that is the nurse. 2. She would have been harassed, made to feel stupid, subjected to formal reprimands etc... This is way more a contributing factor than the prank itself. 3. There would have to be an underlying issue for her to kill herself, even if her career was ruined, having a husband and kids is a lot to live for... This is surely more of a straw breaking the camel's back. 4. It is a really sad thing, but there is now way, legally, logically or morally that I can see the radio hosts actions as a major factor in her death...
  9. Working in Pappa New Guinea gold mine

    On the tax issue there are two key factors as to how you will be taxed: 1. Whether you are a 'permanent resident' for tax purposes, which is different from PR for immigration. 2. The source of the income (as in country) If you ARE an aussie resident for tax purposes, then you get taxed on income from All countries. If you aren't an Australian resident for tax purposes you only get taxed on income sourced in Australia. Obviously there is heaps more detail but that is the TLDR of it...
  10. Franchises

    The concept of trying to compete with a fast food chain on price is laughable... Charge twice as much, make your food substantially better quality...
  11. There has got to be someone on the defense network crazy enough to buy this. Looks AWESOME!
  12. We thought we were clever and landed a heli on a roof at the airfield, some clown shot the rotor from one of the airfield buildings and then we were left with the horrifying reality that while we could jump down and get parts, we then couldn't get back on the roof to the 90% OK helicopter... Then it got dark...
  13. Laser pointers

    Was going to buy one of these, then decided that it was probs too dangerous lol... drunk mates and all... I didn't realise it would be such a hassle getting one in...
  14. Hmm.. St George>Westpac> Hmm.. let me guess BT Financial? You might want to check the fees, and last financial year they brought to the table a loss of -1.8%. BT is a crap fund with a good marketing department. It is just a generic no frills super brand, there isn't anything particularly shit-house about it... -1.8% return is pretty shit house to me champ. Return has more to do with asset allocation than anything else, their fees are low and they offer limited service... It is just a budget brand fund, they will invest in indices instead of trying to pick better than average performing stocks, they only offer very standard spec insurance and they can't do anything 'out of the box'. Within any fund you will at least be able to pick between: Cash Balanced Growth That choice matters a lot more than the actual fund provider in 90% of cases...
  15. University

    Hate to burst your bubble there, but Australia isnt far away from not being able to provide internships for its graduates. http://ausmed.ama.co...ternship-crisis You can thank the Howard government for that, funding and approving about a dozen medical schools at once without setting up a system to accomodate them or train them further.....and when it comes to applying for speciality training....good luck! My understanding is that the shortage is essentially in work experience placements, once you have graduated getting work isn't hard.