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  1. General chit chat thread!

    ^ that looks bad ass! Had a very lucky escape on the weekend; rear tyre blowout @ 110+ on a mild corner. First time I have ever had a tyre let go and it wasn't fun; back tried to highside immediately, managed to pull it back in line and feather the brakes until it had slowed up enough to run onto the grass. It took a good 100m of squirming and sliding rear before I pulled it to a stop, heart pounding and sweating it like a Mexican! Puncture was a good 1cm in diameter, straight through. I have no idea what did it but it 'blew out' rather than slowly going flat. Was on a big ride (to the top of putty road in NSW) so about 3 hours from Sydney; ended up sitting on the side of the road for 4 hours waiting for a friend with a trailer and ramps to pick me up! The only local business that could tow me on a Sunday wanted $500 for a 20 minute tow to the nearest town... Fun fun fun!
  2. Is This The New Subaru WRX?

    If the production model looks similar and has the goods re power/driveline + styling then this may be enough to drag me back from the euro market.
  3. You and Your Bike

    ^First ride on an unrestricted platform will fix that
  4. General chit chat thread!

    Coming in late to this - well done re triumph; very comfortable and reliable bikes. Looks great as is, don't go too 'blackout' crazy or the thing will lose its charm.
  5. General chit chat thread!

    Get one second hand? Or a second hand Victory Hammer 8ball *Watching Sons of Anarchy for the first time so also on cruiser bandwagon
  6. General chit chat thread!

    Have you bought it yet?
  7. Just dipped below trend mate, spooks investors. Will stabilise over the next week. They have amazing cash reserves so aren't going anywhere, just need direction.
  8. General chit chat thread!

    I'll have to take a pic the next time we ride but the group I head out with most weekends is as follows: 1199 Panigale S Tricolore 1098 Streetfighter S V4R Tuono R1 CBR1000RR Speed Triple (me) The Panigale is only new so he hasn't really opened it up yet but my lord they are a beautiful bike! My clunky Triumph looks like a sledgehammer next to these guys
  9. Foxtel - better rates & services

    Nicely done mate, $480/pa saved sounds like a good deal to me
  10. General chit chat thread!

    $1300; the owner Terry Hays) is considered a bit of a guru & comes highly recommended. They are a full racetech garage so I suspect they have all the required bits and pieces available for testing.
  11. Quick pro tip for anyone with foxtel I recently cancelled my service as new work conditions mean I am in hotels more often than home; seems foxtel are having a customer retention problem as the customer service rep was desperately throwing discounts and additional packages free of charge to try and keep me signed up. It may not work for everyone but I highly recommend any subscribers to call and 'disconnect' your service to see what you can get - by the end of the call the guy was offering me a $10/month discount and an extra free movie (per month). I was on the platinum ~$130/month package for about 5 years. Post up your results!
  12. General chit chat thread!

    Booking in for a full suspension setup: new rear spring, racetech valves etc. It shall be the tits
  13. General chit chat thread!

    ^Indeed! Think Ducati Streetfighter with more power, lighter and no douche factor
  14. General chit chat thread!

    Back to work today, staring out the window at blue skies and imagining a ride through the southern highlands... Suuuuuuper excited to see the new KTM 1290 Super Duke R when it launches this year - may even consider trading in the speed!
  15. Guitar stuff

    ^This is awesome because Per is a freaking god!