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  1. Drift school

    as above, and just get out to the track and practice practice practice
  2. swaybar size

    Like others say, get adjustable ones so you can fine tune if needed, and bigger the better. make sure the bushes are new or in goood condition too
  3. No surprise about the closures. Mitsubishi did it 10? years ago in SA. sign of the times
  4. Drift car for under $3K?

    cant go past either s13 or skylines for budgget drifting
  5. Ok, just quickly, My lsd is too noisy and I wanna change back to the pricy diff oil. Im parked on the street and dont have my tools so I kinda cant do it myself this time. As a ball park figure, how much should I expect to pay in labour charges to get a shop to change it? thanks
  6. The nismo stuff is made by motul and it worked great, so I guess youre on a winner
  7. I guess Im really wondering what oils are good for getting a chattering LSD to shut up. The nismo stuff worked but is expensive, so what else works in this way. And again, how much did you pay? Im broke so this is all important penny scraping information
  8. righto. So how much have people paid before, and what oils are the good ones?
  9. While Im at it, what oil do you reccommend? Is that Royal Purple stuff really so great? I used genuine Nismo oil in the past and that was great, but needed changing every 3-5000? kms.
  10. What cheaper amp should I get?

    So I have my Jackson Flying V guitar and I play it without amp im my bedroom. I used to own this shitty no brand amp, but it was so bad I prefered not using it. Now thats getting boring. I live in a unit, so Im not after volume, but rather a still powerful enough, great sounding amp, preferably with the ability to crunch some great metal overdrive, but also at a great price. What lower end (price) amp to we reccommend?
  11. What cheaper amp should I get?

    and yeah, definitly will be looking for under $500
  12. What cheaper amp should I get?

    cool, good to know. What are the differences between solid state and tube?
  13. For those who have imported before, Did you need to pay import duty and GST on a PERSONAL IMPORT? And one more, do you need to change the catalizer on a personal import? thanks
  14. Yeah, I can confirm that. Damn tax office
  15. New to SEVS: Crown sedan and wagon

    I think I reviewed this car a couple of years back for PI. Your welcome ppls ; )
  16. Hi I'll be importing my Nissan and moving to Vic soon, but was having trouble finding official documents or pages showing what modifications are legal and what stuff will get flagged in an RWC or similar government inspection. All I could find was a general RWC document, but it says nothing of coilovers, suspensions mods, steering etc Does anyone have any links for modifications? and can you tell me what general stuff is illigal?
  17. Sucks about the seats! I have reclinable recaros that i dont really wanna have to change out. Im changing enough as it is : ( Anyone have any experience with guages? is there a place to have em, or a situation (like installed in a dash mounted guage pod thingy) thats ok?
  18. Oh, I just throught of three more easy ones Whats the minimum ride height? What the max DB for exhaust? and is any exhaust parts ok? Are guages mounted in the cabin OK?
  19. I have modified knuckles (though you wouldnt know to look at them) and modified lower arms (which is plain to see). Im guessing that stuff would be no good to a RWC dude? What about aftermarket arms, like camber adjust, caster adjust, tie rods, tie rod ends etc?
  20. When a car is complied, where exactly will child restraint anchorages be installed? will this involve removing anything to install? will they be visible or hidden? Does anyone have a pic of them on their car?
  21. Child restraint anchorages

    I have an R33 and I have in intracatly fitted parcel shelf board/speaker/rear tower bar/damper adjuster knob arrangement and If thats gunna have to be pulled up to install child restraints, im gunna have to work something out before I ship the car (Im in japan). Pics anyone?
  22. Ok, wait I think I found it http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/SafetyAndRules/SaferVehicles/VehicleDesignStandardsAndAccessories/VehicleStandardsInformaiton.htm OK, well general comments are still welcome or whats no good. Like whats the deal with coilover suspension?
  23. Hi guys, Im getting ready to import my R33, can anyone confirm exactly what papers were needed in regard to... 1, A copy of the vehicle registration documents for the past 12 months? 2, A copy of the purchase documents for the vehicle (in your name)? I know, it sounds obvious, and Im thinking for 1, it should be just a copy of shakensho/ car rego certificate. This has written on it my name and that I took ownership in 2010 (I believe, gotta check) along with the car details. For 2, I found a blue printed paper with lots of kanji and a red date stamp at the bottom, which shows the date I bought it and includes the old and new (me) owners details. I also have a certificate which looks like the previous shaken certificate, but I think this just says that I became the new owner on "ABC" date. Is this all I need? anything more? Any other advice on what to submit? Thanks heaps!