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  1. Added 180SX Gearbox crossmember "B" $50 Vertex bar and steering column trim sold, rest still available
  2. Hi guys, Few bits and pieces listed, please ask for pics if needed. 180SX Type X Front drivers skirt pod $80 180SX Type X Rear floor mat (x1 only) $30 180SX Rear Reo bar $50 180SX Rear Number Plate lights $10 SOLD 180SX GK Tech no holes intercooler kit complete as new $450 SOLD 180SX Powerbond 20% underdrive pulley as new $300 180SX Vertex Rear bar silver fitted great $200 180SX Silver Bonnet faded paint $150 180SX Drivers side headlight cover panel $20 SOLD 180SX Drivers side headlight frame inc harnesses and motor $20 180SX Crystal Headlamp , single only $30 180SX Speedo surround panel, no holes or cracks $80 180SX column surround no holes $40 180SX ECU redtop $100 180SX SR slave cylinder $20 180SX tail shaft loop $10 180SX Rear Bumper cover black $50 180SX Window upper trims matt black pair $40 180SX Window upper trims good condition pair $50 180SX Window weather strip (lower window trim) pair $40 180SX Type X tail light globe holder (for one side) $25 180SX Gearbox crossmember "B" $50 180SX Power Steering pump $60 RB26 R34 Starter Motor mint $200 RB26 Aluminium Engine mount brackets $50 SOLD RB26 Blow off valve $50 SOLD RB26 gearbox crossmember $40 RB26 rear main seal housing $30 R32 Rear lower trims Left and Right 6/10 nick $50 R33 S2 Bonnet dents and scratches been in accident but usable $50 3" Stainless decat with flanges barrel type $50 SOLD 4 stud Lenso wheels set 17x7" one mismatched with 2 fried 2 ok tyres $200 Z32 AFM and Tomei plug kit to suit used $200 No other parts available, located Melbourne's east. Cheers, Mat. 0400 558 030
  3. 1994 180SX for track or race

    Dealt with Carl for a few bits in the past, great trustworthy guy to deal with!
  4. Any luck on that column trim?
  5. Any chance of a reply PM?
  6. Brys 180... v2

    Nice one mate. Your old banger sounds the goods. Will see you on Saturday, me, dano and a few other mates are coming up to watch.
  7. wrong boost - helpppp

    Are there any exhaust leaks? Is it noisy around the turbo / manifold area? Did you remember to put all the gaskets back in? A big exhaust leak would cause no boost, but it would be LOUD. If not, there could be a leak / hole in your cooler piping. Check for hoses popped off around the piping and intake side of the engine. You can check by blocking off the hose at the throttle body with a jar or spray can, block off where the afm is, and feed some compressed air into the cooler pipe system and listen for leaks. If no leaks, pull the dump pipe off and check that the gate flap isnt jammed open or broken, that will give no boost.
  8. As soon as you said Rattling i thought Knocking. This could kill your engine. What petrol do you use and where do u get it from? Failing that just take it somewhere to be looked at...as above your skills seem limited so youre going to be chasing your tail for ages, whereas if you take it somewhere, someone who knows what theyre doing will probably be able to tell you straight away what the problem is.
  9. Boost controller SR20DET

    Need to know a bit more about your car. What model? Standard turbo? You should have a full exhaust to get the best benefits otherwise youll just create alot of heat and go nowhere.
  10. theres no such thing as an intake missfire. its called a backfire. if you have that its not helping your situation. worm clamps are the go, they dont mind 23psi on my setup. make sure your silicon joiners arent those rubbish single layer things, you need the walls to be at least 5mm thick with the reinforcement between layers. if you still have pipes coming off you can run a couple of shallow grooves around the pipe where the silicon sits with a hacksaw. but you shouldnt have to do that.
  11. Yeah its not very common to have to replace chain and guides... Tensioners are another story, quite a common problem with regards to noisy chains. New from nissan they arent expensive, put one in and see how you go. Also check oil supply to the tensioner, works on oil pressure too. Just make sure theres oil in the tensioner you pull out.