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  1. 10 years

    9 years ago. I still check off topic for lulz, but I don't even own an import any more. Probably should go and buy one.

    Im interested in going down, does anyone have any links or info on it?
  3. Things you don't Trust

    Boris the Blade DO NOT TRUST
  4. So i got EPA'd AH-GEN....pfft

    Letter Came. Dont i feel like the proverbial criminal.
  5. So i got EPA'd AH-GEN....pfft

    Well im actually trading in/Selling my car very soon. Whats happens if i get the EPA after i get rid of my car?
  6. So i got EPA'd AH-GEN....pfft

    However just to note: Harleys DO get EPA'd .. but BIKIES, well as you stated, have a law of their own and cops don't touch them. Well Ive never seen any cruiser type bike getting pulled over ever. I would be surprised if Harley Davidsons and the like are legal with the standard pipes from the factory. BTW, still havnt got the EPA notice yet.
  7. So i got EPA'd AH-GEN....pfft

    ^^^mmmmmmm And thats the reason why im worried about not recieiving the letter yet. for when i get pulled over and they go "why havnt you made your car TEH QUIET " Then when i say i havnt received the notice they'll cry BS and make me walk to work for 3 months.
  8. So i got EPA'd AH-GEN....pfft

    I think its BS really. Ive been tested before and passed, why do i have to keep proving my innocence when im not breaking the law? Fair enough ive had speeding fines in the past and copped it sweet and paid them, but why should i be treated like a criminal when i havnt broken the law, and further when i have proved that i am not breaking the law. I should have kept the EPA notice in my glovebox, to prove to policeman. (though he probably wouldnt have cared) And the thing that really grinds my gears is that FKN Harley Davidsons can get away with full throttle fanging it passed a cop car and the cops doing absolutly F all about it coz there bikeys and cops are too scaredy pants of bikeys. Ive never seen/Heard of a Harley being pulled over, and there about the noisiest thing on the road. My car is not loud, im not drink driving, im not hooning, im not speeding, my car is not insanely modified so instead of revenue raising through TMU, why cant the policeez put there resources to controlling street violence in the city on a Friday/Saturday night, rather than pouring tax $$$$$$$ into VE SS commodores and Chrysler 300c Promotional Vehicles and Hummers to pull me over for commuting......LOL OH WAIT I FORGOT, because actually policing the streets and preventing violence and ensuring citizens safety doesnt make the $$$$$ like pulling people over does. I'll remember that the next time im buying a burger from Russle Street hungry jacks on a Friday night and getting my face stomped by a huge meat head. correct me if im wrong.
  9. 2-3 weeks ago i was driving down a busy street with my missus to go out to a nightclub for a dance and a drink. Drove passed a Marked TMU who spun around and promptly pulled me over. As i was not speeding he breathode me and discovered that i hadnt been drinking. He then proceeded to go through my 99% stock Import Nissan only again to discover that i had complied with the law and not modified my vehicle. His last attempt was to sound test me. I have a Catback Fujitsubo legalis exaust pipe that has a nice sound coming from a huge muffler. I have been EPA'd for this 1 year before BUT fortunately it is 5 db under the legal limit and thus legal. I tried to convey this fact to the presiding "officer" of the "law" who disagreed that an exaust that size could be legal. I tried to reason with him that i had had it tested before and passed but he would not be satisfied. He then stated that i would be recieiving a letter in the mail the following week in which i had 1 week to get my car tested again or it would be off the road. 3 weeks later still nothing. Hmmmmmm. what should i do? should i go to a copshop to see what has happened? Has the cop discovered that my car IS actually legal and not bothered to send it out? Has the letter gone astray? I just dont wanna get pulled over for not "complying" with the law by having it tested again and then having my car taken off me.
  10. N00b here. With military press and Bent Rows, how do i NOT smash my spine into a million peices. I only ask is that i have thrown my back out previoulsy doing normal Bar pull ups. cheers.

    Yeh pm me with pics, i tried to pm you but new ns.com fails.
  12. HAI GAIZ As spoken about in my last boxing gloves thread i have takin up Muay Thai and Love it, but i need to toughen up my core as its a little bit embarassing. Nit saying im fat or overweight, im actually not and have a relatively flat stomach. But there is no tone or strength their, so apart from crunches (which i have been thrashing) what other Core techniques do you guys recommend to build toughness and strength in my core region? Cheers again.

    Ended up buying some 12 OZ Twins, and plan to buy another pare of 16 oz for sparring in a week. Cheers GAIS!
  14. Get over it

    Has anyone seen Tropic Thunder with Robert Downey Jnr? Of course you have . Now tell me how the fvck, HOW THE FVCK, that stupid shaft inhaling dick face HURR DURR IM A SINGAH faggot Harry COLIC fvckface junior can have the f**king balls, THE FVCKING BALLS,to say Americans have spent so much time trying to make up for racism when they make a muthafruiting blockbuster movie with a white guy being a black stereotype. f**k YOU HARRY BITCHASS JUNIOR, DONT YOU DARE STEP FOOT IN MY CUNTRY AGAIN OR I WILL TRAP YOUR SHOE LACE IN AN ESCALATOR AND RIG IT SO IT DRAGGS YOU IN AND GRINDS YOU UP AND EAT YOU IN A HAMBURGER.