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    Spotted a tidy Black 180 on the highway heading north around Loganholme today, nice tidy car mate. Also spotted a pig Champagne 180 in the same area, looked like an older guy driving with his family in..........
  2. Track Days

    All done, hopefully I can make it to the November meet
  3. Track Days

    thanks guys, I will keep an eye on the site. Firt timers are welcome?
  4. Track Days

    Hi guys Im hoping somebody can point me in the right direction......Im looking to get my 180 out on the track for some fun, not into drifting just want to do some grip work. If anyone can help point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.
  5. New to SEVS list: Mitsbushi Evo 5

    Any floating around at the moment? Just about ready to sell the 180. I buy to order, so yes, there are some floating around at auction in Japan Hey mate, possible to send across some examples for me to have a bit of a look at? Thanks
  6. New to SEVS list: Mitsbushi Evo 5

    Any floating around at the moment? Just about ready to sell the 180.

    Spotted a "Caterpillar Yellow" S13 on the M1 heading north tonight, Low, Stiff as and had brackets for a wing. Also had black rims. Nice looking unit, goes well too. Spewing you jumped off at Beenleigh mate, I forgot to switch the boost controller over lol.
  8. Lancia Integrale

    Ok, so I would need to convert it to RHD to register it?
  9. Lancia Integrale

    Hi, wondering if someone can help me out. I am looking at buyin an 88 Lancia Integrale, as with all the Integrale's it is LHD. Now, I am trying to find out how I would get it registered to drive on our roads in QLD. Department of transport customer line was useless! Thanks
  10. EMS ECU

    Thanks for your help mate, I will give them a call.!
  11. EMS ECU

    Hi Guys As the topic states, I am looking at getting an EMS ECU, have contacted the main site asking for some help on which model to choose and where to get but no reply lol. Anyone in Brissie sell, install and tune these? Any help would be great! Thanks Patrick

    Spotted a Caterpillar Yellow S13 in Beenleigh today (near the BMX track), got a wave, waved back.....tidy car mate. Also saw a two tone white and bronze S13, neat looking car, whilst washing my car at Carlovers Beenleigh. Also, spotted a R35 GTR down the coast, CRACKR.....SEX! Then in Loganholme, orange S13 with damaged front bar.......twice lol.
  13. Sandwich Plate Free!

    No dramas mate. Take it easy.
  14. Sandwich Plate Free!

    Sorry guys, Im not sure if it fits SR. Im happy for it to go to a CA owner anyway lol
  15. Sandwich Plate Free!

    Hi guys I have a sandwich plate that I have taken off my CA18 today. Nothing wrong with it but no longer need it. Im giving it away free to anyone who wants it. If you are keen let me know, Im on the southside of brissie. First in best dressed Thanks Patrick