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  1. electro / house

    second that! warp 1.9 is awesome to move to when ur drunk hahah i heard from someone the other day that bloody beetroots are new disco is this correct?
  2. Cricket Thread

    who retired injured?
  3. Dirty house albums

    Deadmau5 vs Jelo - The Reeward is Cheese Kid Dub - Tetris (Tocadisco Mix) Melleefresh & Deadmau5 - Afterhours Sydney Blue - Give it up for me DJ Antoine - This Time (Klaas Remix) Bass Kleph Booka Shade Ajax Bang Gang Deejays
  4. Dirty house albums

    try and download some one love albums, deadmau5 and the rest of the electro threads on here or pm merlz
  5. Club song/mixes

    calvin harris has a relativly "fresh" track called im not alone, sounds ok,
  6. Ghosts

    i believe in that shit to a certain degree. ive got a photo of whats meant to be a ghost, Jamaica - the White Witch's house at Montego Bay. This picture is amazing. took it of a blank mirror and this weird face appeared. Just don't understand how... The house is supposedly haunted. The ghost of Annie Palmer? AAAARGHHHHH!!!! http://www.angelsghosts.com/annie_palmer_h...t_pictures.html personal photo.
  7. The Football Thread

    Man U to take it out AGAIN. personally im not a fan of them but there so strong an consistant.( christiano ronaldo is king on the ball) personally would love to see real madrid take it out as its been awhile.
  8. Best Jailbreak Ever

    twice that has happened in aus. Jan, 1983 - Melbourne, Australia Three men are arrested for the attempted helicopter escape from Melbourne’s Pentridge Prison in Australia. The three, all held on drug-importation charges, had hired a former SAS soldier, then living in the Philippines, to lift the prisoners from the jail’s tennis court to a nearby van fitted with panels to hide them for the 600 kilometre road trip to Sydney, where a yacht was to take them to Manila. The plan was thwarted when Lord Tony Moynihan, himself an exile in the Philippines, informed the Australian federal police, who then ran it as a sting operation. Tony Moynihan would later become an informer against Howard Marks in a Florida trial. Of the accused, only David McMillan and his accountant friend who had visited the prison, stood trial. During the hearings, few prosecution witnesses used their real names as they were mostly from Moynihan’s former West African MI6 unit, however those on trial were convicted and sentenced. March, 1999 - Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre Australia In March 1999, librarian Lucy Dudko hijacked a helicopter supposedly to check out the upcoming Olympic site in Sydney. Using a gun she forced pilot, Tim Joyce, to land on the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Centre grounds. Waiting was John Killick, who was serving 28 years for armed robberies. He jumped in the helicopter making an escape while being fired on by guards and cheered on by inmates. They landed in a park where Killick hijacked a taxi at gunpoint. The two were able to elude authorities for six weeks before being arrested at the Bass Hill Tourist Park. Lucy Dudko, dubbed Red Lucy by the media, was sentenced to the maximum of 10 years and was sent to Mulawa Correctional Centre women's prison. On May 9, 2006 she was released on parole after serving 7 years of her sentence. John Killick is eligible for parole in 2013 when he will be 71
  9. what a crock of shit, think there smoking to much cock or some form of drg unknown to "normal" society.
  10. there will only be one richie,
  11. dont want to go back to work next week, long live holidays and weekends,
  12. oldies on the road

    its not only the elderly tho, its other nationalitys that are a major contributor also
  13. wtf sounds like your very productive,
  14. In the news Today

    http://www.news.com.au/travel/story/0,2831...5014090,00.html this is a strange one, lets ban affection,