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  1. wouldnt do it with the stock sensor mate. it'll rob voltage to run the guage, and f**k with your ECU's reading. get another temp sensor, and put it in the intake then hook a gauge directly upto that
  2. get a saber plumback. myself and another mate both have them. from memory- they are 60 bucks off here. GKTECH make em. send them a PM mate:) very efficent, does exactly whats needed. doesnt leak either.
  3. Oldschool games all nighter of gaming. MIRC: Austnet #allnightausfags
  4. Movies that haunt you

    requiem for a dream. /thread.
  5. S13 Digital Climate Control

    Ahh shit. i've got the cable type. i got the loom with it and all that, i dont care about the cable temprature selection (was set to cold before removal), and being brissy its always fcking hot. so i dont mind about that the only problem is, the unit comes on when i put the car into acc, with no display on the screen, when i click off the unit doesnt go off, it still runs. i havent soldiered that 12v wire in yet, i just directly connected all the looms. any help would be great. thanks
  6. Got a copy of that CD, Its a mind f**k! awesome. Binaural Beats - The Worlds First Digital Drug
  7. My nan used one when she was young. It told her the full name of her mother, her mum left when she was a baby. She had no idea who she was, neither did anyone else in the room. its not a common name either. It told her the birthdate (down to the day) of the next child she had. Doctors said before that she was unable to conceive anymore children . IMO some things are just unexplainable, its a very grey area. i wouldnt be going to do it myself.
  8. Corey is a wanker. deadset wanker. I wonder who offered him the 2 thousand to come up to brisbane.... :^^: (mentioned on news.com.au and A Current Afair last night: , near end) Check screenshot attatched Was trying to get his phone number. Which i now have by the way. Have got chat logs if you want further proof Enjoy! And yes im quite aware now i mispelled Your with "You're" hahaha
  9. R35 GTR Crash

  10. oil seal ?

    Man he said that in the first line of text S14 @ 14psi on a T28 Check cooler pipes, if all connected, take intake off and check shaft play
  11. who can drill a hole?

    Post 1990 cars, its illegal to drill through the batt tray
  12. ca18 problems

    Check your ECU fault codes
  13. I Am Legend

  14. Blast from the past

    omfg this one is lol too. takes a while to get into it, but luls are ensured