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  1. coilover rebuilding

    i just ordered some new bushes/ bearings for my HKS hipermax2 camber tops / pillow ball mounts from linear bearings. I had vertical movement in the whole strut also, shocker itself is fine, but the teflon liner on the bearing was flogged out majority of jap coilovers use minebea bearings. HKS tend to use MBWT14 or MBWT16 website with sizes are here http://www.eminebea.com/content/html/en/spherical_list/spec-1-03.shtml They run about $55 each for MBWT16 through linearbearings.com.au and fast as service. got mine the next day after payment. Just measure before you order and should be right. I havent fitted my replacements in yet. i originally found this info on the net, measured my bearings and it turned out to be correct quote Its the wide series they use, NMB MBWT16 ID - 16 OD - 30 Race width - 15 Ball width - 19
  2. we exchanged before we left. No worries carrying around a wad of cash. But it is pretty easy to exchage over there. Post offices are your best bet. Credit cards/ visa debit cards work well too.
  3. weird food combos...

    bacon and maple syrup... so good

    I recorded on a set of yamaha custom oak drums... these things were great! first time i had ever played an oak kit... sort of like an in between of maple and birch hard to explain, but was warm, loud, and attacky... made for an awesome kick drum sound. The quality was awesome. Ive played on heaps of kits, a great sounding sonor delight which would be my ultimate kit but they cost the earth Im convinced though that it a great sound can come from good tuning and good skins I love my pdp kit though, everything that I ever wanted is right there, and im not afraid to gig it at all. Lol at the drummer jokes. Ive heard them all. I have played in a few bands where I have been the only one who can read music. We arent all retarded... ever tried playing/ reading anything in a 13/8 time sig? im trying to find a new band at the moment, but im torn as to what i wanna play

    Hey im matty, been playing for about 13 years nearly. Rocked out on a few kits, current is a pacific lx all maple kit in natural laquer, 10/12/14/16 22, fusion depths and a few snares. Also Sabian AAX Metal 14in hats, 18/19/20 inch crashes, 16 and 18 in chinas and an old menil ride that i cant part with no matter what else i try in the set up... i love it. DW 5000 single chain double pedal, VIC Firth 1A sticks No pics, im at work, but ill get some up soon. Gigged heaps going back 4-5 years ago which is why i have said set up, drums sound bright and full of tone. Cymbals cut through anything like nobodies business. To me its a perfect live metal/ alt/ punk set up. I play heaps, love funk, fusion style the most with odd time sigs that swap when im on my own But also love belting it out metal/ alt / punk live
  6. Initial D arcade stage 4

    bennybee you crack fiend ... i was there last week lol i think you are thinking of the wrong matty... i went with wills_15 and seven for 2 weeks and yes i did play intial d version 4 over there
  7. Initial D arcade stage 4

    yeah its hella awesome..... played it recently in japan.... it was like $1 at one place over there and $2 at another. graphics are way better than version 3
  8. us

    i am the other dude everything here is pretty cheap. asahi is about $2.70 for a 500ml can we are in osaka rightnow so many chasers and cimas here bathrooms are f**king tiny but you can smoke while taking a shit. i love this country.................... and dont wrry toyoda we will hook you up with some homos on the way back