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  1. My first bike

    yea mate, kicking along good.... chain has started to stretch, so it jumps a tooth occasionally, but asides from that, all ive replaced is the throttle which i snapped doing monos (got a 1/4 turn which i wanted anyways) and got a new clutch cable... you gotta loktite the bike up though, or it will rattle itself apart. Good cheap fun and gets me to 100kmh...
  2. Need places that do VIV work.

    sounds good man.. dick is one of the few honest blokes left.
  3. dunno whose seen this, but shows alot of f**kwits on our roads (and rego's for smokey).. take it easy this christmis, give a meter to bikes and a shitload to trucks. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtHzaeTpYB0 merry christmas everyone.
  4. Need places that do VIV work.

    try oven bake enamels in ringwood.. owner is dick. he will help you out. they are certified VIV repairers (yes, theres a list)... i had my car done there. http://www.obes.com.au/About.htm
  5. Dear Smokey...

    cops are tops

    rims look amazing.. wish i still had em on my car... pity my car looks like a smashed crab... glad they can be appreciated on another rig tho... more pics ! glad ur happy bro.
  7. what or who do you believe in?

    im a christian... i was baptised, went to church when i was young (forced to go to sunday school by parents).. then when i was around 9 i decided i didnt want to go anymore and stayed home with my dad (he didnt attend as he is catholic and we went to an anglican church. so he only went to church when he went to visit his mum)... anyways.. i always believed in a god, yet also see evolution as perfectly valid. i think religion and science can coexist without creating an alien god.. more recently i have returned to church, joined a youth group and just purchased my own bible. I dont preach to anyone but myself and i find the bible to be quite a powerful book. however i used to give it no interest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qH9TeORXz50&feature=related
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dx0Shn5Hvpc&feature=fvst
  9. what is your latest purchase?

    12" pitbike rear alloy rim with inner tube and tyre uni filter, 40mm green. motul filter oil spring loaded gear lever ridin' time baby!
  10. what is your latest purchase?

    i got two pair last time, sold the others a week later for 350... so i got a pair of infras for 50 bones.. hells yea.
  11. what is your latest purchase?

    sick. had mine a few years now.. still in v-good nick.
  12. cradle the balls, stroke the shaft, swallow the gravy
  13. trail bike problems

    i couldnt start mine when i got it.,.. found a fuel tap hidden away... haha.. embarrasing much.