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  1. Agree - I think the point of this comp is to find a naturally beautiful girl. Not some chick that spends half her salary to make her look like somebody else. Just read through a few of the profiles and I think some should be disqualified for talking shit and not even making sense! Good luck to her gf though. I voted for her
  2. QLD Meet.

    If I found one for sale and the owner wanted a swift then I'd do it in a second! Pity thats very unlikely
  3. QLD Meet.

    I'll be there probably Wish I could pick a car before then but I doubt it will happen hahah
  4. Yep I noticed this on the first one that got printed... It felt weird doing the zipper up on the other side But I figured it was just the way the hoodies were made so no point in complaining about it. Give me one I can wash Loz!!!!
  5. You tell me to check out this page and I see pics of my arse!!! Thanks loz:wedgie:
  6. Raceline Super Sunday (Parklands)

    And I'm a DA driver Ghosty.. Yep.. True story
  7. Raceline Super Sunday (Parklands)

    Get me free tickets Loz. Your not going to be here
  8. test

    test test fake link
  9. ahem.... you might have a few questions to answer to when you get home...
  10. Motorbike License

    I was just thinking about this on the way home from work. I'm looking at getting my bike licence. But I dont know if its worth it cause I dont know what bikes I would be able to actually get onto. A friend of mine had an aprillia rsvr 1000 factory and i had trouble holding it while i was standing next to it! Anyone know of any good bikes a girl can ride who weighs 50kg? Sorry to bump into your thread
  11. Party at Loz's... for loz

    OK, it will be Saturday 26th. Come over anytime and we'll have drinks, a spa and bbq I'll send out a text to remind when it gets closer. (or ill get stephen to do it as i dont have everyones numbers) xoxo
  12. Go Karting - UNC Olympics R3

    Do a sat or sun thing hun. It means you have to do the 3 race one but I've done that one before and it's still a lot of fun and after 3 races I was so sore I probably wouldnt have finished another one! Can everyone do the 12th? Or 13th? xxx
  13. Decided to have a "welcome home" party for Loz. At Loz's... Will be either the 25th or 26th of September. Any ideas which is better - fri/sat. I'm leaning towards Sat as that way we can have a day thing for those who want to have a swim etc... Kinda wanted it a suprise, but .. well I'm posting it on his site so I'm guessing that wont work anymore Let me know your thoughts. Would be good to see everyone there. xoxo Bel

    Ha ha, was that you Keish!?! Hi...
  15. room mate for chevron island

    I've been looking for somewhere to live for a while now. But looks like it's all sorted and will be moving in a couple of weeks Hope you find somebody and they arent too weird. Ive had my fair share of shit roomates