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  1. Still needing help with this? Won't be till Feb 15th that I will be driving over in the ute, but if you can't find someone before then, shoot me a pm
  2. Price : $400 Condition : Used Have a set (4) of Nismo 550cc Injectors to suit Blacktop AND Redtop SR20. Sold my motor etc to go 2JZ so have no need to keep the injectors, simple as that. Can post but if you're local, can pickup/meet. $400 ono. Text me on 0421981229 if interested
  3. S15 Wide Guards

    This, or you can get a workshop (Eg All Type Crash) to mould them to the car for a flush smooth clean look, but pop riveting etc will be the least work.
  4. Any good home surveillance security systems?

    Also interested in pricing. And if it's possible to set it up to record to a HDD and loop the recording so once it runs out of space it just records over the start, also include that price.

    Anyone had or know of a silver R32 stolen recently? Had one cut around me as I turned onto Goodwood road from Cross roads this morning and pull away from me (I was doing 60kmph and was quickly being left behind) cutting in and around traffic without indicating heading South.
  6. Rota Wheels - Interesting read inside!

    IMO, biased article aside, ROTA are just very good at marketing and seeing an area in the market they can take advantage of. Yes, the wheels may not be the best of the best in quality and lets face it, they are copied, but majority of drifters and car people alike are cheap and don't like to pay, for example, Rays TE37 prices when they can settle for something that looks the same, will do the job most of the time and are bargain basement prices. This also brings up the argument between legit wheels and "copied" wheels. Rota know they will lose customers but they also know it's free advertising, and there will always be plenty of car people, especially in the world with live in today, wanting to pay half the price for a wheel that looks expensive. Having said all that, I still wouldn't buy Rota.
  7. Throw some Ideas/Advice my way!

    Can you get pics showing the rear right wheels suspension?

    Aussies old JZX100 Chaser just outside Littlehampton this arvo
  9. 180sx Fiberglass Bar

    This. Approach your driveway at an angle and make the first contact to the curb your front wheel. Or put a plank of wood between driveway and road as already suggested. If you want to run a front bar and low car, drive it accordingly. But don't cut the front bar like you suggested

    Kept spotting a yellow Lambo Murcielago around Portrush Road a few times today

    Would have been me Cheers. What were you in? Blue Falcon ute

    Silverish or champaign colour 180SX entering the freeway correctly from crafers and leaving at hahndorf exit tonight. Nice fitment and clean ride mate.
  13. 1991 Nissan Silvia S13 Stolen!

    Ill be installing a kill switch. Wire it up inside the glove box, lock glove box. Take with you when parked. Done.
  14. "Entry fee is $100 (admits driver only) extra driver is $50"
  15. Painting inner shell of track car

    I used Rustkill spray cans from Mitre 10 last year. After seeing Nigels 180sx results, seemed like it was worth a try. Turned out awesome. 1 coat of primer first and 4 coats of blue and tuned out like this. Still gotta put down a clear coat though. 2nd or 3rd coat below. Cant remember. Primer