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  1. No def looking at going big, not point doing it half. Car is not street driven any longer and is drag sometimes circuit orientated. Currently have the gt3076r turbo modded by GCG. Not too worried about driveability or idle quality... Anyone know what the spring rate is of the HKS springs? By the sounds of things any way, the HKS springs wont handle the 280 deg CROWER's any way. so I may look at crower cams and speings and the titanium retainers.. 280/280 12.6 - 12.6mm lift, should be pretty close to the limit of cams for a SR with Hydraulic lifters I think? Does any one know what you can run max with hydraulic lifters?
  2. Currently I have 264/264 deg step 1 10.5mm lift HKS camshafts, I have HKS heavy duty valve springs and new valve stem seals. I am running tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers. Now question is does anyone know what HKS springs bind at, also what tension rate are they? Will The HKS valve springs Bind at 12.6mm???? Reason i ask is are they good enough for Crower Cams in the 280/280 deg 12.6mm lift? Crower recommend a spring kit and retainers... Can I get away with using my HKS valve springs and can I use standard retainers, with these camshafts??? If not i will buy the cams and valve springs with titanium retainers... Thanks
  3. hey guys and girls, just wondering if anyone is using the gizzmo launch controller with a Power FC?? Are the 2 compatible together? What are peoples thoughts on the gizzmo launch controller/shift light setup? Kemp did u have the gizzmo with ur Power FC? Thanks in advance...

    awesome stuff kemp, just at the right time..... awesome manifolds and some of the best welding I have seen.

    hey kemp, thats awesome mate, looks of very high quality good stuff keep it up, be in touch very soon mate.
  6. any one else got any experience????
  7. so the bronze guides are fine to use with the standard valves (wont stick or anything), just as good as the standard items??
  8. I have bought some, but some people are saying you cannot use them with the standard nissan sodiium filled valve??? Is this true, or just the same... The Nissan SR20 valves will work with the phosphor Bronze tomei guides???
  9. hey guys just wondering if you can use tomei valve guides (bronze) with the factory stainless valves (sodium filled from nissan)???? Has anyone had any experience with this or know anything???? cheers
  10. I am upgrading valve springs now for the rebuild, for some safety and reliability, I am sure they cant hurt..... I already had these cams so I might as welll throw them in whilst its getting rebuilt. And if I put them in now then if we do decide to upgrade later I just need to replace cams.... Like I said if it hurts me down the track that bad I can always switch to a larger cam setup.....
  11. yeah I understand, point taken. the trouble is things did get out of hand, and now I am doing a full rebuild. I have had the cams for quite some time, so I thought I would just put them in.. If it proves too restrictive i will consider 272 cam(s), to complete the build, but please dont mistake my build or budget for the typical rods and piston combo, also money/budget is not my worry, as the motor is actually in a fwd Pulsar with a 6.5k PAR dog box... cheers
  12. cheers mate, would be happy with that figure for sure. I will shoot u a PM when motor is back in car mate.... trouble is I am rebuilding the motor now and I am having the HKS valve springs put in but I am still using the 264 step 1 cams... If we decide its too restrictive I will upgrade later on... Cheers for your help mate. AWD2GO I can make my own mind up mate, and have discussed these points with both my builder and tuner, thanks for your concern anyway. Kemp is helpful and factual as he has dealt with these issues first hand, so what better person to turn to????
  13. hey kemp, what power did you make on ur old setup with the gt3040 and the HKS step cams???? Was a Pretty decent figure if I remember...... I am going to be using the GT3076r .87 rear with HKS step 1 264's... Engine builder said they would be fine, If I want bigger later I wont bother with step 2's ill go straight to 272 cams..... If it goes 270kw I will be very happy.... Be PM' ing u soon for that manifold mate, engine should be back soon, I havent forgotten.... cheers Rowan.
  14. so it can be used internally bit you need a filter/sock to go onto the inlet on the pump? Is anyone else using this pump as a internal. I havethe 044 pump now, so its too late to buy anything else, I need to run with the 044. As I think the 040 will run outta legs after 250rwkw. cheers foe everyones help so far.
  15. Hello, just wondering if the bosch 044 can be mounted as a internal pump, (ie: inside the fuel tank) as I am looking at replacing my 040, with the 044. Do I need a sock on the bottom of the pick up on the fuel pump if it can be used...... Thanks in advance...