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  1. Aquarium Chat Thread

    About to set up my marine tank, thoughts on what the best set up would be 800L tank
  2. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Still needs to be plastered and painted, will be holding a colony of 23 tropheus red moliro, will also have a south American tank with peacock bass and a small marine on the build
  3. Aquarium Chat Thread

    So I've done some renovating and added a room and ensuite in my basment, I've also added a 750L african cichlid inwall aquarium
  4. who's got big dogs?

    Who'd you get your mastiffs from
  5. who's got big dogs?

    Bullmastiffs all the way
  6. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Hey guys I'm just setting up my first marine set up its only 160L with a 3ft sump, that's all I have atm so if anyone is looking to sell any gear, lights wave makers pumps ect ect lemme know cheers
  7. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Where can I find a design of a sump with skimmer refuge and filter element
  8. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Don't get fish then, u have a tiny tank. N if u can't be bothered changing 25% of that water a week don't bother,
  9. Aquarium Chat Thread

    People's thoughts on this for a sump design, curious if there is a rule of thumb for the water height of a refugium
  10. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Types of cat fish grow very large, as in plecos eeltails ect but corydoras ect don't Watch out for that Electric Yellow bro, make sure you have another 2 to keep them in check. They grow very large, and become quite aggressive (ignore online info, its BS). Mine constantly chases the female, has killed 6 of my 11 white clouds and has killed 2 of my bronze catfish. Because the catfish were bottom feeders and slower, he would pick out their eyes, i had to mercy kill them. Electric yellows arnt aggressive it was probably an orange zebra or fullborni you shoyldnt mix African rift lake fish with tropical Lol yup, I've never owned Oscars but I know from experience, fighters are pretty territorial! I had a gold fish with 2, next morning, it was floating up the top with no fins. Do I have to maintain PH levels and all that sort of crap for cichlids/oscars? Or just temp and remove chlorine in the water? Again only a couple sorts of cat fish grow large, and they only do when you've got them in a big tank, of course a betta is going to attack your gold fish it mistakes them for other male fighters African cichlids have a high ph gh and kh and you have to do weekly water changes
  11. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Lol your saying a fighting fish is vicious yet you want an Oscar lol the Oscar will eat everything and all the fish you listed are way to big for the tank, maybe get some dwarf American cichlids or a few cat fish
  12. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Looks awesome Sid, vid of my 750L tanganyikan aquarium Stock list: 5 adult Burundi frontosa, largest is 400mm 1 adult kigoma frontosa 2 black calvus 2 gold comps 1 lelupi 1 cuckoo 1 princess 2 shell dwelling similis 1 tropheus moliro 1 tropheus bemba 1 electric yellow
  13. Aquarium Chat Thread

    I live in Hobart lol.... So we don't get many 30degree days but might look into it as a safe guard, do you guys run two heaters for back up ?Yeah I understand how Ro units work as I'm a plumber, arnt they exxy also ? My 6fts are 6x2x2.5 and 6x1x2 dunno if I'd really wanna set one up as marine
  14. Aquarium Chat Thread

    It'll be a mixed reef set up so what would you suggest I'm a member of masa but only use my phone to view so don't go on there much, currently have two 6 foot cichlid aquariums
  15. Aquarium Chat Thread

    Hey guys I'm thinking about setting up my 160L corner unit for marine I'm going to install a weir and run a sump, I have 400mm by 300mm to play with widths and heaps of room in height, so round 300 to 400mm best ? And any info on what would be the best sump set up, also chasing equipment, lights heaters return pump sump skimmer ect, also curious on if its with running reactors ? And which ones, I was thinking calcium cheers