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  1. Texting Whilst Driving

    I came across this commercial that is currently playing in Brittan at the moment. There has been a lot of discussion about it on the radio/internet of late. And I thought it would be a good thing for everyone to see. It has certainly made me want to never EVER text while driving again! We need these kind of commercials in Australia! Yes I think it's harsh and a tad gross, but it's needed to get into people's heads that it is NOT ok to text or anything similar whilst driving. PLEASE NOTE: THE VIDEO IS FAIRLY GRAPHIC.
  2. 2 bedroom unit up for rent

    UPDATE: http://www.realestate.com.au/cgi-bin/rsear...p;tm=1248778715
  3. Ross and I bought a house, so have to break our current rental lease. It's a two bedroom conjoined unit in Montrose. Dining and Lounge room are combined and fairly spacious. Bathroom consists of a big shower, separate bath and a loo. Separate laundry off spacious kitchen. Has a small grassed area in backyard. Garage is underneath the house and is long enough to fit two cars (we know it wont fit a Celsior and a R33) fits R33 and 180sx fine with room for storage. Has a nice view of the Derwent. Built ins in both bedrooms and also a built in in the lounge room for linen etc. Gardens don't need to be cared for as someone else does that. Can't hear next door neighbours through the walls. Is a good area. It's $200 a week. They require bond and two weeks rent up front. So $1200 up front. It's through PMM Real Estate but as we are breaking our lease we need to find someone to rent it. Its available from 15th of August until November (which is till the end of our lease) or you can have a 6 or 12 month lease. If you want any more info you can contact myself or Ross through here. If you're keen contact either of us and we will sort it out. Cheers, Sarah
  4. My dilemma!

    Laurel daily and drift the ceff and give the 33 to me
  5. ROUND 3

    i believe barnzi has been trying to get something sorted for both rnd 1 and 3 in regards to live music/dj...for watever reason it hasnt happened...definately wont be advertised on a flyer the third time around...if it does come about and isnt on the flyer...then so be it.... i sincerely hope ppl havent turned up specifically to listen to an unnamed dj tho... As I said it was the only thing from a spectators point of view that I could find wrong with the day... Also wouldn't hurt to get flyers our asap to give more promotion. As soon as it was available I printed it and handed it around and the feedback I got from a number of people was "I have already something planned that day" or "we planned to go away then" etc. Mozza, I was referring to a live DJ. Not tunes over a P.A System. All good though. No harm done.
  6. ROUND 3

    I'd like to add from a spectators point of view it was magical! Best and most enjoyable round I have attended so far! Even the rain didn't put a damper on the enthusiasm and excitement for the day. The only negative feedback I have from my point of view is only minor. I would like to know what the go is with advertising a Live DJ and not having one? And advertising much much more... I loved seeing mainlander's down too, and how awesome it was we had Tassie's in the top two. Loved how close some of the battle's especially the one's between Roger's and Fink! And also Lloyed in that S14! What a champ!! Congratulations to Priso, and also everyone else who entered. Without you guy's it wouldn't be a happening thing!!! I can not wait for the next round!
  7. Labella Drift Team presents show 'n' shine

    Hmmmmm...... Very interesting Cloaky!!
  8. Other Nissan Pictures ONLY - No Discussion

    My R33 4 Door. (Picture on carsales before I bought it) Tinted windows & new wheels . Paint, JIC coil overs, tinted tail lights, customized guards and 30mm spacers on the rear. (Excuse the non Tyre shines tyre's!) Only just finished putting the car back together when these pics were taken. Car still isn't finished yet. But has come along way! GO 33 4 DOORS!

    I was also stimulated yesterday! By Cheque though which is strange as I get my tax return through the bank. Meh.
  10. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    Update for me: Car is now painted a custom purple/black. Looks porn! Just needs a good buff now.
  11. The pink for sure! Will look sexy as! Really looking good Brendo! Love the vskf's!
  12. tattoos

    Hey Girls, Just thought I'd add pics of my tattoo's They are so adictive! First ever one is a butterfly on my shoulderblade, second Kanji symbol on my lower back, third dragon on my foot and fourth (got just before christmas) stars on my side. The stars cained so bad!

    ^^^^ Sorry Ryan! That was me, I wasn't signed in! Sarah
  14. Updates - What's the latest with your car?

    Not a big update but finally got some spacers on the way to make my wheels sit a little better. And roll/flare organised as well Paint to come in the next few weeks!