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  1. Hi Guys, I've got a fair few parts I need to sell as I no longer have any silvias. All prices are negotiable within reason. 1. S15 injectors (480cc) with rail and loom $100 ONO Came off the car at the same time as the turbo. Perfect working order and come with complete loom and rail (no fpr). 2. S15 AFM $30 ONO No longer needed as upgraded to Z32. Perfect working order. 3. Recaro side mount rail to suit JZX100 $150 ONO Only just bought this but it doesnt fit my Sparco evo 2 well so im just going to floor mount it. Rail is in perfect working order. All items located in Rouse Hill, NSW, 2155. Pickup is preferred but will post at buyers expense. Any questions pm me here or SMS me on 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  2. Prices updated and sold items removed. All prices negotiable!
  3. S15 Front Mount Intercooler Piping

    pm'd you
  4. Make : NISSAN 200SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 96000 Price : $10,000 Condition : Used Hi Guys, Up for sale is my 97 S14A that has been my daily for the last 8 months or so. I bought it with the intention of building into my next drift car but i'm about to get a new car so it needs to go. Currently has approx 96k km's on it and has just been serviced. No leaks and has not given me an issue since ive had it. It currently has rego until June 2014 Modifications: Genuine Volk TE37 in gloss white 18x9.5 +12 all round with new 235/40/18 front and rear BC v2 fully adjustable coilovers Ark design electronic boost controller Manual conversion with s14 5 speed (was refreshed before it went in with new seals), brand new master and slave. (has been in the car around 10k kms) Short shifter with Gktech springs which give it a very solid direct shift (also comes with standard springs if you want to change it back) Exedy cushion button ceramic clutch (has been in the car around 10k kms) Gktech alloy baffled sump Gktech eccentric throttle plate 3" turbo back exhaust Welded R200 diff Defi copy water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and boost gauges Vertex front bar and side skirts JDM rear bar (no reflectors) Nismo gearknob Cusco handbrake button Head unit with ipod/aux in and some decent speakers all round. No idea about this really but it all works pretty decently The car will come with a bunch of spares and other random parts. The body is in good overall condition with some scratches on the rear bar and a few dents on the bonnet. There is also a bit of paint fade on the centre of the boot. Interior is in good condition its complete and is pretty clean the stereo surround is the only part thats cracked as the gauges have been mounted where the climate control would normally sit. Car currently has a leaking manifold to turbo gasket which ive reflected in the price. I will probably have fixed this before sale I just havent had time as yet. Price is 10k ONO. Will do less without the wheels if you bring your own set. My number is 0403858714 or you can PM me here. Thanks, Brett
  5. Price : $150 Condition : Used Hi Guys, I have a few parts I need to clear out to suit S14/S15. 1. BC Fully adjustable coilovers to suit S14/S15 $700 ONO These came out of my brothers car and are in good condition. They are preload, dampener and height adjustable and make no noises or knocks he simply upgraded. 2. S14/R33 Standard wheels with tyres $150 ONO These came on my s14 and I replaced them when I got the car so they are just taking up space. Wheels are in good condition. Tyres on the front have about 40% tread the rears are camber warn to the indicators on the inside. 3. S14 Standard turbo back exhaust $200 ONO Good for clearing defects/epa is complete from dump back including genuine nissan cat. Good condition bit of surface rust as expected. All items located in Rouse Hill, NSW, 2155. Will post coilovers at buyers expense but not the rest as its too bulky. Any questions my number is 0403858714. Thanks, Brett
  6. Its a t56 out of a vy ss
  7. BN Widebody L98 S14

    Hey Guys, Thought it was about time I posted up a build thread for my car seeing the latest build is just about complete. First post is going to get a little hektic as I change my mind all the time and the setup has changed alot over the years however i'll start with the latest video scotty made showing the car how it current sits. http://vimeo.com/28884163 Anyway onto the build. This is the build of 1 car spread over 2 shells that is almost done so I thought id post a few progress shots and see if you like the transformation. This is not long after I got it back in early 2008. Changed the wheels and did alot of mechanical stuff to it and it went alright. The motor was fairly tired at that point as was the body so I pulled it apart completely and gave it a fresh motor and new body parts. It was the perfect time to do it as id lost my license for a very long time so was just sitting. This is about mid 2009 at this point. The built motor went in and as I was running BN 30mm front guards and 50mm chargespeed rear guards it needed wheels. I ordered these from Weds and they finally rocked up. 18x9.5 -26 and 18x11 -15 I was pretty excited by now as it was getting close to being the car id always wanted it to be so after putting the wheels on it looked like this. Yeah I know none of it was painted and it was way too high but I was happy it was running. I started drifting it again like this and it was making 360rwkw on 19psi with full boost at 3500rpm. It was great to drive and would start spinning in any gear even with the 11's on the rear. I should mention I was blowing rb25 gearboxes almost every drift day at first even with the original setup so I had upgraded to a dogbox along the way. Things went wrong (engine builder) and after the second drift day with the new motor it popped so I was pretty devestated and pretty broke. I parted out what was still alright from the motor (wasnt much) and after a bit of saving I bought this. Was a genuine R34 Nur motor and was still brand new. By the time it went in the car is was about november 09. So got it running with the new motor and it was running better than it had ever been before then this happened. I went out a little too wide will linking two corners and tapped the rockface with the rear which inturn dragged the front in and that was it for that car. I was pretty broke right now and as I had no license I had no insurance so I made a hard decision and decided to part out the rb26 setup and go for a reliable sr20 setup in a new shell. The new build was to be pretty mild engine wise or so I thought. So I picked up a straight shell off a mate and stripped it then started swapping over everything I was keeping. At this point my BN Type 4 kit had finally arrived from japan together with new BN 30mm front guards and BN 50mm rear guards to match so I trial fitted everything to see how it was going to look. BN stuff is by the best if had the pleasure of using everything lines up even the predrilled holes in the guards line up perfectly with stock holes. So now that I had most of the bodywork together it was time for the new motor setup. I picked up an sr20det with headwork, 2871r and a z32 gearbox conversion and was just going to drop it straight in but at this point I decided the 2871r wasnt going to be enough so I bought a twin scroll 3076 .78 setup for it. Now that id gone for such a big turbo I had to upgrade everything else so it wasnt done until may 2010 and this is how it sat at that point making 260rwkw on 16psi with full boost at 3700rpm. I know that its hardly any boost for that size turbo but it was still a stock bottom end and wasnt willing to risk it. Sure it wasnt the rb26 setup but it had plenty of power and I was really happy. Now that it was almost done I thought it was time for a bit of paint. I'd always liked midnight purple (I had a midnight purple r32 gtr previously) and thought it would go great with the rims so the paint started. These pictures show just how wide the BN guards are particularily at the front. After I got it home and put the kit back on it looked great (I think). Ignore the uncut cable ties I forgot to cut them before I started taking pictures. And here is a quick one of my 2 cars side by side. The ute is my tow car/daily 4L turbo with 350rwkw. At this point I was happy but I wanted it to go lower. My current coilovers wouldnt allow it to go any lower in the rear so I ordered a complete Driftworks setup front and rear and went about swapping everything over. This is how it sat before its its first run with the new setup. So my first time drifting this car was at winton and I ran into a fair few issues. I hadnt been out driving in almost 2 years so it took a little while to get used to it but I started going ok then the problems began. Was having big missfiring issues so I was having to clutch kick it continuously to keep it sideways. The z32 box ended up going along with the coilpacks so I didnt do much drifting at all but ended up with some good photos. The driftworks stuff was great the car had so much grip and even when the sr was running properly it was a struggle to keep it sideways. At this point I was pretty dissapointed in the sr setup and I started thinking about a v8 swap. I probably should have just fixed the missfire issue and fixed the box but as always I decided to bin the setup and started down the v8 path. I thought it was going to be alot easier and cheaper then in turned out being but here is how it panned out. I ended up sourcing a 6L L98 out of a VE SS that was already cammed and making 330rwkw. The motor came missing alot so in hindsight it would have been far cheaper to buy a whole wrecked car and strip it but oh well. So I bought a complete Sikky kit as alot of americans recommended it and off I went. The sikky stuff is amazing quality and im really happy I went with them. Modifying the stock baffle to work with the sump. Putting the sikky oil pickup on aswell as tapping and blocking off the standard dipstick hole as its no longer used. Bottom shot of the sump after I got it all on. Great quality! And finally how it sits now with the engine mounts on aswell Box and motor are both in but had some real issues with starter clearance nothing we tried really worked so no starter on it right now and will have to try a few more things to get it to clear. Ended up pulling the motor and box back out about 2 weeks and split it all apart to fit the starter and adapter plate. This ended up being really fiddly and took ages to get right. Also had to cut away a bit off the bell housing so the starter could engage with the flywheel in its new position. Once id gotten it roughly into position Peter (sidewayz) came over to help me like always and we eventually got it all back together and in the car. Really tight fit with the urethane mounts and such a big bell housing on the box but we got there after a few hours. Now that the box was sitting 8mm back the tailshaft would no longer fit! Normally you build a bit of play into them but it seems Sikky made it the maximum length possible At this point it was Tuesday and I left it until the next weekend. Ended up getting the tailshaft shortened by a mate on the saturday (hasnt been balanced yet) then went off to give beau a hand swapping gearboxes. Put the shaft in on Sunday and spent the day cleaning up/finishing a few things off and it was ready to go for exhaust. Ended up dropping it at Windsor Exhaust on Tuesday morning and it was ready yesterday arvo! Real quick turn around and the quality of work is great cant recommend these guys enough. Ended up being 3k for a full system including extractors and twin 3" straight through with a merge after the box which is pretty damn cheap for the amount of work they put in. Anyway here are some pics of how it sits right now (still on the trailer) and should be going to Peter to redo the wiring and a few other things in the next 2 weeks! Sorry for the quality of the pics its pretty overcast but I was trying to show how nice and tight it is. The extractors are equal length 1 7/8" and then its into twin 3" tucked up nice and high under the car into a merge after the gearbox then back out into twin 3" that crosses over again after the diff to exit out the rear left as normal. Drivers side. Nice and tight with plenty of clearance around the shaft. Passenger side. Plenty of space here and you can spot the starter in its new position! And underbody showing clearance which is as good if not better than the tucked system I had on the sr so I shouldnt have too much of an issue with it. What came next was alot of little but annoying things like getting the master cylinder to fit. I ended up modding the firewall and running the standard master but it turned out 5/8 wasnt enough to fully engage the clutch so I ended up fitting a wilwood 3/4 master through the firewall and the clutch works fine now. Peter finished up all the wiring and cleaned the car up a bit then it was off for a tune. Its sort of hard to explain how the car sounds without hearing it in real life but I really happy with how it all came out. So thats pretty much the stage im up to now. Very few things left to do before I get to finally take it out to the track again.
  8. The exhaust is 1 7/8" headers into twin 3" with a cross over pipe and a removeable muffler at the back (I ran it without the muffler but peter runs it with it )
  9. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Same thing happened with mine and peter's, Had to notch the toe arm mounts so they didnt hit the drive shafts.
  10. 232/234 .596" 112LSA Had a powerband of 2000-7000 in the L98 so was perfect for drifting really
  11. Car for sale here with new sr setup http://classifieds.nissansilvia.com/index.php?t=2159628&view=advert
  12. The L98 is superior to the LS2 as it runs bigger heads standard. They have a few downfalls the rest dont have with the harmonic balancer coming off but once you fit that they are definately the best bang for buck v8 available in aus right now imo (unless you can get a cheap ls3 of course L98, ls3 and ls7 all share the same larger heads whereas the LS1, LS2, LS6 share the smaller heads with older style ports which severely limits their power output. Cam, exhaust, intake and tune will net you 330-350rwkw on an L98 with everything else stock whereas you will be lucky you reach 300rwkw with an ls2
  13. S14, s15 and r33 gtst housings will all work so you'd need to find a non abs version of one of those and you will be fine. Are you running 5 bolt or 6 bolt? I believe all R33 diffs are 5 bolt whereas s14 is a mix of the 2 but its easy enough to change the half shafts anyway.
  14. Thanks for that man wondering if I can still have it urethane mounted too. Need to compair the two side by side pretty sure the S15 diff has rubber inserts in the front where it bolts up. Hoping I can do something similar with my S13 housing. There is only space for the bolt with an s13 housing it has to be solid mounted. The s14/s15 diffs have a much larger mounting hole which is why the standard bolts have big rubber inserts.
  15. It lines up you just need to use the s13 front bolts
  16. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    I've always wanted a massive wing (much higher than pictured but I can make new stands) but ive always struggled to find one wide enogh
  17. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    queer angle. on the car i bought it off How wide is it and are you selling?
  18. Whilst itll be awesome to see the other drivers I cant see anyone beating yates unless he spins again
  19. No you dont space the flywheel at all that spacer is just for the auto conversion. They give you a longer spigot bearing to allow for the input shaft to sit a little further back and the kit comes with a spacer for the slave cylinder.
  20. The slave on t56 boxes is an internal slave and depending on your clutch you may need to space it out you may not. With my exedy hyper single no spacing was required. It's also only 8mm according to the specs not 20mm
  21. 350Z/LS1 - For sale/swap

    The only problem with the L98 is its not the cheap option, you sold the sr because it was going to be expensive and the L98 path will be just as expensive trust me
  22. 180 reasons why I can't afford to go to monas

    if you're gonna throw her name around like that you could at least do the polite thing and post a picture Dont know what I was thinking