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  1. Hi, i was wondering if anyone would know why my temp gauge would read 80degrees when cold with a new temp sender/sensor. i accidentally broke the wires off the original sender so i bought a replacement off ebay and hooked it up but now its zero is at 80 degrees. its a pivot temp gauge and couldnt find anywhere to buy a pivot/greddy/ jap electric sender from. any suggestions on why its f**ked or where to get a better sender from. they are sending another one but got a feeling itll do the same thing. cheers
  2. hi, i need the bolts that are used to bolt the gearbox to the engine on an sr20det. if anyone has any they dont need give us a yell. cheers
  3. 10 years

    fark its been awhile
  4. Stripping 180sx

    hey mate do you have sr20det engine loom? also what are the racing logic coilovers like? i want a good comfortable street coilover why u stripping it?
  5. thanks i had bought the same sensor
  6. hey so my car was running fine for a drive before i went to get petrol and on the way there, but after i filled up a whole tank of bp ultimate the car started to run real funny. the exhause note has changed and sounds like its purring more so like real slight popping almost sounds good but not. it also has f**k all power. i even thought it could be running on 3 cylinders but i checked all my spark plugs when i got home and they all look sweet. will try coilpacks tommorow. now i cant be sure its the fuel because ive never had a bad fuel caused problem before but its looking that way. is there anything i can do like go complain and get me money back becuase i really cant be f**ked draining the tank wasting 70$ worth of fuel. f**k BP this has given me the shits. would chuckin in some octane booster help? i thought it was weird they had 80% of there pumps closed. is there anything else it could be? 180sx sr20det with powerfc 220kw
  7. 180SX running issues

    had a few issues like this with my sr, first time it was a vacuum leak on the pcv valve hose so check every single vacuum line and intake pipes, the second time it was a coil pack came loose when i thought i got dodgy fuel. and another time it was a dodgy earth as the main earth to the chassis wasnt connected. these were my issues and thats how i solved em hope it works for you.
  8. thanks guys but it wasnt the fuel, one of my connectors on a coilpack is f**kd which came loose and caused the shit running issues. all good now. cheers
  9. went to the servo and the guy said if i can prove the fuel was the cause then they could do something
  10. Hey all ive recently started having an issue with my 180. it was running fairly good for a while after the tune at status and then in winter it had some cold running issues but once it warmed up it was fine. soon it started to back fire when i was at wot up in the mid to high revs and now it just backfires when ever i press the accelerator. it idles abit rough and bogs down first when pressing the pedal. like totally cuts out almost then picks up. can anyone help with telling me what to look for in diagnosing the problem. ive emptied the petrol tank and put fresh fuel in and changed coil packs but there is no difference. also put in new spark plugs. the tune is fairly recent and ive only driven the car a handful of time it sits in the garage otherwise. basically an sr with 2871r, poncams, 740cc injectors, z32 afm powerfc on 220rwkw. any help appreciated. just want to know what i should be checking .
  11. turns out it was a vacuum leak. i took dump pipe off and rewelded all the cracks and also noticed pcv valve hose on rocker cover was rooted and replaced that and problem seems to have disapeered thanks for the help nissan want 40$ for a 10cm pcv valve hose so wrong
  12. Turbo inlet studs

    same as what i got from autobarn mate
  13. Turbo inlet studs

    i got a stud for turbo to dump from autobahn today. just wondering if these will be able to handle the heat like the genuine nissan ones. there gold plated not brown like the nissan ones. 22$ for genuine studs each from nissan so i walked out.
  14. rewelded up the dump pipe will put it on this week when i get new turbo stud that i f**ked. also pcv hose was f**ked and will replace. see if that helps. how would the power fc have been reset? where can i get a new pcv valve hose that connects to the rocker cover from? just go straight to nissan?
  15. this is the new spark plug ive basically only tried to drive it once when it started to backfire severely so i turned around and put it back in the garage. noticed a exhaust leak at teh dump pipe so not sure if this could be affecting it. will try new filter. and how to i check sensors with power fc controller
  16. cheers fellas ill try all suggestions and get back with what i find soon
  17. hey all need backing plates for the front of my s13 to suit 280mm rotors . cheers in melbourne eastern subs
  18. Hey i was wanting to change my diff ratio to 4.1 and was wondering if i could buy the crownwheel and pinion in that ratio for a180sx r200 from anywhere. Or am i limited to just buying a second hand diff with that ratio already in there
  19. its hard to find 4.1 ratio these days for a decent price so was just curious. as u can buy diff gear sets for allot of other performance cars pretty easily. i just paid someone to put my 2 way into a diff with 4.36 ratio and cant be assed payin someone over 200 bucks to swap it back into another 4.1 ratio diff. just gonna use this ratio for now
  20. hey i needa get my tomei cams and springs installed and then go in to get a retune. ive never taken my car in for any mechanical work before as i do all my own but im not confident in changing the springs. so am just wondering who in the east side of melb would you guys reccomend i take my car too. lm also thinkin of going to chequered tuning this time as my original tune was done at racepace. just wanna start over....
  21. sweet seems easy enough more suggestions are still welcome!
  22. ive got a similar problem aswell as one where my idle hunts from say 800 to 1500 constantly after switching on headlights. starts blowing smoke and backfires when try to excelerate hard.
  23. hey, i was just curious whether or not u have to change the wiring to install the bosch 040 fuel pump or can u just take the old one out and use the existing wiring with new connectors on it to suit the new pump? im just confused as the article says u have to but dont understand why you would have to. cheers
  24. hey, ive just got my subframes and arms all sandblasted and painted and am wanting to get the nuts and bolts cleaned up and looking like new and am wondering if theres any companys in melbourne that do it. i cant really be assed doing it at home and it doesnt come up good anyway just painting em so getting them properly done would be a bonus. if anyone know of a place easter suburbs would be good. cheers