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  1. Hey guys, havnt updated this for a while. took it down for its tune. managed to get 272rwkw on 6psi and 481nm at 4000rpm. Car steps sideways now in 4th gear at 2000rpm onwards. Its an amazing feeling enjoy the dyno pull at Chequred Tuning http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoHGQu_Kntg
  2. nearly ready :D cant wait for some time behind the wheel
  3. ^^^^^ correct. if it was n/a it would be more of a issue. bu due to being supercharged its fine. never mind mr bling, its all on top of. i'm hanging to pick it up. dam f**king work
  4. slight update... manifold made, and car should nearly be finished. pick up on saturday. here's a rough shot of it without it completed or cleaned up https://fbcdn-sphotos-c-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/308183_10151157797503168_230771144_n.jpg
  5. ^ lol tell me about it hahahaa
  6. well the day has come. new manifold being made as we speak. fairly big upgrades coming top mount twin screw being installed also running a z32 rear brake set up and some new wheels also attatched the last drift day i was at shots
  7. now i know i said no more picutres/updates until the blowers on.... (yes e-bash away lol) But USPS have screwed my whole event (matsuri) at this stage, blower is still no where to be seen, and as of next week im going to get on to a trace of it. cos i'm worried some hill billy in austria not australia has my blower lol but here's a few little updates i've done for preperation for the next event new fuel tank, double it to now 40 ltrs wangs all mounted up and ready to push the arse end into the ground but still sadly no blower in sight
  8. need to fuel the blower, so did some research, and also some advice from on here. Going to run the fiveo 550cc injectors... Just bought these, should hopefully power the screaming twin screw new fuel cell is purchased as well as boost guage. just waiting on this slow ass delivery for remaining parts then i'll start, probably this weekend
  9. LOL.. yeah its gonna hang out about 3 inchs i think.... not top fuel car spec, but enough to get some heads turning lol
  10. i'd bust my s14 out for this.... cant wait
  11. hey guys, slight update. i've spoken to the guy who's basically doing the same kit as me.... this is a example of what my motor will look like very shortly cant wait
  12. should have this ready for drift matsuri..... my kits taking soooooo long.... need to get injectors next.... it never ends lol
  13. all i can say now is.... watch this space. its been purchased
  14. yeah will do, and i did for the last one remember LOL>.. it'll be march or something probably.... tyres were dunlop semi's hahaha and rt615's up front. which is why she's nose plowing a bit. thinking its time for full slicks now to get some grip into the car