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  1. thnx bro appreciate it! already sorted it but its good for people that need the advice for future refrence considering you go ask a mechanic or highly skilled engine builders and they reply "this doesnt make sense" or the have no idea what to tell you..
  2. Lol acting like you know me! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My workshop hates me so bad head machinist always bolts out the back when they see my car rock up i try to be nice but just like on here, they all havent been laid in the past few years so they get grumpy easily.. its not my fault.. Im really sorry for being rude il really need you guys help in the future so pleaseeeeee forgive me?!?!?! BJ'S all round boys!! Yous would like that wouldnt youuu
  3. Its not my fault everyone thinks theyre better then everyone, ns was never like this, no wonder theres barely any people around! If every thread is like this i will be round for a LONGGGG time lol i think its a crack up!
  4. I agree with you there. He also tries to be sarcastic to cover his ass. I plan on my unopened motor to produce over 300kw. Whaat?? To cover my ass? lol If you really thought i was being sarcastic when i said id like to think my forged bottom end would take more punishment than my stock bottom end i was being serious lol unless your talking about something else? im not sure but i dont understand why i would want to cover my ass? lol i dont understand how your brain works unless im missing something??
  5. LOL you guys are a total JOKE! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHA Ok johnnie you are king i bow down! Mate that owns the "shitbox" is a bitch and refuses to drive it on a regular basis because of sydney cops.. & why are you acting like this is my car? and like i said it is the best sr ever created? You are a child! Just like its been said in other ways 100+ times in this thread, if my mate was to dyno his car on your dyno with your settings it would NOT be a 220kw run and its as simple as that! EVERYONE knows that jdm cars have more powers in stock trim due to australias strict emission laws! And 170kw is 30kw from 200 (not even close) considering you only gain 20kw from rebuilding your engine from top to bottom with decent branded parts, you are FAR from 200kw brodie! Also s15's should have better top end power on the dyno because they have vct! This thread has OBVIOUSLY confirmed that these days although ramp rates were created to eliminate variations in power level from dyno to dyno, that is FAR from the case in reality! Power figures can NOT be compared unless the run is conducted on the same dyno with EXACT same settings! MY car not my freinds, will NOT have a gt30 and not have 220kw! I will have a HKS T04Z and have 160KW! Johnnie when my current build is complete i will def take you up on that run lol i can not wait! And why do you post refrences to dyno sheets that confirm what i am saying! LOL you guys crack me up so bad! Also 343kw on a stock head gasket is not reliable power lol cmon johnnie!? you of all people should know that! Or do you only hit boost every few thousand klms? Anyways as it has been proved in this thread dyno sheets cant be compared, but time slips can... And mates gt30 ran 14.9! which leaves you ALL for dead! OMG you wish you could run a 14.9! even top fuelers cant keep up with my mates car! My mates car is sooooo mad omg his car is the best! i love his car more than my car! Oh i forgot! 14.9 1/4 mile! did you know? 14.9! he is soooo fast they told him he cant come back until he has a parachute because he has trouble slowing down in time to turn around! Is this what you wanted to hear? lol yup you got it! At the end of the day alot of you are putting words in my mouth and trying to put me down for unknown reasons lol its ok guys whatever problems are currently affecting your lives does not have to be brought into ns threads, but if thats what tickles your pickles then so be it! Keep burning guys your welcome! And dyno warriors can make whatever power they want but on the track is a WHOLE different story!
  6. so people spend $10,000+ to get their engine built from top to bottom, only to gain 10-20kw? I think you should find a new engine builder lol You should gain 10kw just from installing camshafts! He is running solid lifters so this tells us he is not running 256* cams, unless he is using hyd cams on solid lifters which is highly doubtful, he is prob either running 260 or 270* procams, which would give him better top end, ive seen 272s give 20kw up top! But also takes 20kw from down low. Alot of internal work is mainly for supporting what you are going to throw at it, well id like to think my forged bottom end will handle more psi then a stock bottom end but maybe you would disagree with that aswel? LOL
  7. Because it makes you go faster around corners! It was a joke next time il put in brackets next to the joke (this is a joke) so people will not get mixed up! If you seriously thought that was not a joke you need some help.. seriously.. Anyways.. So Johnnie, if this engine was not fully built and all internals were completely stock how much power you think his engine would of made?: Full NITTO build SR20. Low mount 3071r t28 flange. New 1200cc highflowed injectors. Drift suspension etc. Tomei solid top end. 22.9psi 307.7kw max run. 306.6kw on a higher load. Most probably anywhere from 210-240, i find it hard to believe he would of made over 250kw with untouched internals? (not that its impossible to crack 250 with stock internals as alot of people have shown) You have more experience with numbers and setups, how much do you think it would of made? If i had a gt30 and was only making 220 id be spuing aswel! But like you said back then they didnt push the limits as much, considering the mates tune on the gt30 from JEM was done quite a while ago (4-6 years!) maybe that also plays a factor? And maybe he specifically asked for a mild more reliable tune, He is a drifter/streeter a gt30 not being the best for the response needed when drifting but maybe he was aiming to make it as responsive as possible for a gt30 setup? Im not sure what he or his tuner was thinking lol but its not my car so its out of my hands lol He seems to be happy with how it is and doesnt feel the need to go further and start internal work, well not yet anyways. If i kept my 180 how it was (stock internals) upgraded the fuel pump and injectors, threw the power fc in and ran with the 2860rs after a tune (other supporting mods are already installed), i would definitely expect to make a bit more power than him and have a wayy better power curve than he could get with the gt30! If i ended up under 200kw i would instantly be looking for the issue thats causing the low power figure! Higher power levels can EASILY be achieved with smaller turbos i never denied that lol the problem is some cars can get to 200kw ALOT easier than others can even with the same supporting mods, not like you already dont know this loi. But for example a stock 180sx redtop bone stock from factory! side mount stock exhaust everything! If we grabbed to specimens like that and threw the same mods (front mount, TB exhaust, EBC, FP & injectors) and then tuned them they will both not have the same power, one might have 170 and the other could have 195kw! Maybe my mate got stuck with the 170kw 180sx lol, i cant remember exact numbers but an earlier dyno run before the gt30 and most of his supporting mods made a poor run of something like 140kw or so not too sure but it wasnt impressive, when a jap spec type x with similar mods made around 160kw the run after his.. The owner is in no way shape or form a noob that is new to sr20s or new to modifying cars, he has owned that 180 since around 2002-2003 or so, im pretty sure if there was a screw loose or something wrong he himself would of taken care of it if he wouldnt or couldnt JEM or friends would have taken care of the problem. I wish i could tel you more about the tune or what he exactly was aiming for when it was tuned etc. but ive been busy doing my own thing lately and havnt caught up with him for a while.
  8. cuz look at what this guy has done to his s15 to hit 190kw! Size of engine: SR20DET Modifications to the car: -Greddy FMIC -HKS Front Pipe -HKS Silent Cat Back -Decat Pipe -Apexi Pod Fitler -Power FC L-Detro -Manual boost 'T'. -Wallbro intank fuel pump. Type of turbo: AMD Bush Bearing T28 When does vehicle begin boost: tba When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: tba Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; HKS Stage 1 264/264 Max power achieve at what boost: 255rwhp @ 16psi Ovaboost Dyno 255rwhp @16psi And:Modifications to the car: Stock bottem end, Poncams, BC Valve Springs, Tomei 740cc injectors, tomei rocker arm stoppers, cobalt rocker arms, Tomei expreme dump pipe + 3 inch front and apexi cat back,highflow cat, walbro pump, z32 AFM, nistune tuned by ECC, metal intake pipe, Greddy Profec B Spec 2, unboxed pod filter, Blitz DD BOV, FMIC. Type of turbo: Tomei ARMS M7960 Boost:Low boost 14psi, High boost 18psi When does vehicle begin boost: 2500 When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 3700rpm - 3900rpm Max power achieve at what boost: 206.8 kwatw on 14psi 221.7 kwatw on 18psi But since stock s15s have 200kw this guy above is retarded and something must be loose on his car.... 227.8 kwatw on 19.5psi Fully built one: Full NITTO build SR20. Low mount 3071r t28 flange. New 1200cc highflowed injectors. Drift suspension etc. Tomei solid top end. 22.9psi 307.7kw max run. 306.6kw on a higher load. dont forget drift suspension added 40kw, so that really evens it out to what i was saying before!
  9. http://www.plmsdevel...rs/gf_s15.shtml stock s15 dynod at 143kw, derrrr after they tuned it and done a few things they were able to crack 200.. STOCK S15= under 150kw http://nissansilvia....ttach_id=250958 142kw before tune 170 after tune= derrrr http://nissansilvia....howtopic=411815 from link above- "180 with the old T28BB: Mods include T28BB, GKTECH FMIC, CES 3" TB Exhaust, CAI, Walbro FP, E-Boost II on 10psi, RAS Kit, Koyo Radiator, Nismo Thermostat" = 170kw or are all these poeple lying?? oh but i am wrong sorry i bow down And s15s should have better top end not better response than non vct, when vct is engaged (from 1050-5700rpm timing events are the same as the non vct, its only when disengaged that intake retards 20* which would help top end power. I am not being a dik, i am just forwarding information that is correct! a stock standard untouched s15 will not come close to 200kw and if you think it will you are dreaming lol just google stock s15 dyno and there are tons of dyno sheets that support this claim!
  10. the bee-r was an example of ignition cut! And the previous owner broke valve train 3 or so times! Which could be a result of rev limiter selection! OMG thats why i mentioned it, if it is the cause of previous owners problems it would be well worth looking into what rev limiter he is running on current ecu! Some ecus have fuel cut some have ign cut some have both some have other ways to limit revs, it depends on what you are running, if dicko is running ign cut and his ecu has a choice, he should research and ask around to find out what would be the best thing to suit his app, alot of people swear by fuel cut alot of people swear not to use fuel cut and vice versa, this is why i brought up the bee-r! Not because it was previously mentioned! I cant remember saying someone said something about a bee-r! Some people on here are just soooo brain dead! THINK! you have a brain so use it!
  11. this is what i found in an old thread, bee-r is ignition cut and seems to not match well with the sr engine coming from alot of people that have had trouble with ignition cuts! "had a bee'r on my car for about 3 months and i'll never put one back on. if you are hitting limiter a couple times a day or even a couple time an hour like myself then you will have heaps of problems. i was fouling plugs so quickly to a point where the car wouldnt start, had to roll start down a hill. not to mention i blew my turbo flange gaskets and my dump gaskets. also destroyed my $500 cat converter. it was great fun though. upsides do not out weigh the downsides in this case. fuel contaminated oil, glazed bores, wickid blow bye and broken ring lands is what you can expect. have personally seen melted rb20 pistons from abuse of a bee'r. some food for thought sab " I really dont think dicko will be on the limiter as much as drifters would be lol but still should be looked into, ive heard of people mis-shifting and breaking rockers from over revving, and not 1 or 2 people! And usually the people it happens to seems to happen a few times not only once. (maybe before they notice its the limiter causing the issue?)
  12. Johnie, it was like 214 or 216 at peak not exactly 200 on the dot, and to give you an idea, i raced that exact tune on an unrestricted hyosung gt650r in a 60-200+ run, from 60-180 the hyo was just sitting infront by half a car, after 200 the hyo started dying off (v twin) and tops out at 222/223, the 180sx passed easily about 205 and continued to pull until he backed off. I am in no way saying this is the fastest sr of all time and everyone must bow down! I am referring to an sr that REALLY makes a genuine 210 or 220 whatever it was rwkw, if JEM are such bad tuners why is their garage CONSTANTLY packed with well known drift, drag and street cars? Hyosungs are shit we all know that, but for a learner legal bike that you can un-restrict at home without anyone knowing it has been unrestricted leaves you with the fastest bike you could possibly ride on your L's. Id rather stick with road trails for your L's tho. I have ran alot of different cars on the hyo's and not many at all can even come close to keeping up like the 180 did! This is true story no trolling no exaggerating, i know from personal experience how that car performs and it is fine the way it is/was, if it was mine id want a bit more, but he likes it that way and swears by stock internals so if he is happy let him be lol the car also only has 99,xxx amount of k's on it too! It was a nice example of a 180sx until the painted it white and threw a BN kit on it (used to have vertex kit and red in colour, interior gutted with 6 point roll cage) Anyways there is also a 260* with 11.5mm lift! this would suit dicko even better! Shift performance has one in stock for the vct engine and they are also on ebay with that combination, i would throw them on if i chose to tune with the disco still on, but i highly doubt itl be staying. Also dicko i would look into what type of rev limiter you are using or what your ecu is programmed to use, alot of guys have had trouble with rev limiters! Ending up in broken valve trains! (mainly rocker arms that ive heard of) some guys swear by fuel cut some swear by ignition cut! this muddies the water even more but it seems that engines vary in what that paticular one prefers! Probably depending on power levels and supporting mods? Maybe johnnie the king of tuners can elaborate?
  13. ^ he should really swap cams before his tune tho 272s will GREATLY hinder mid range and he wouldnt be happy until 5k+rpm why was wizard saying OP has a forged crank? No one said anything about a forged crank lol of course the standard sr crankshaft is forged! OP has a BILLET crank! No i never even thought about anything to do with fighting! we are not in year 7, i also have better things to do and would rather learn from a conversation than lose brain cells in a fight.. And of course torque specs must be followed on things like cam caps, rod caps, head studs/bolts etc, i was just saying to the guy that wasnt too confident in his work that if you have followed the specs and done things the right was as the manufacturer recommends then he should be confident in his work! I never said live & die by oem specs all must be exact! lol every builder has their own methods and thoughts on what works better than others and for a mechanic (Col) to assume different is quite funny! Lol ok ok il stop now it was fun while it lasted tho! hehe. anyways, the motor might flow the same amount of air reguardless of CR but the way it uses that air is what differs, just because the higher CR you run will make it easier to make the same power at lower boost levels doesnt mean you should just go for the highest CR you can possibly get, just like everything there is a sweet spot that should be aimed for depending on your application and goals, My uncle was a great engine builder (jap engines in specific) for 30 years and he also has the idea that you should run a higher CR because its easier to make power but he never ran anything over 10:1! I never really asked why he doesnt go a higher CR but i asked if he ever ran into knocking problems or other issues and he said nope never as long as we used 98ron it was never an issue. (unless you start pushing harder than it should be pushed then of course you can have issues reguardless of cr) Wish i could tell you alot more dicko but i have always aimed for just above the standard 8.5:1, seeing an sr with a ratio as high as yours is fairly uncommon, most n/a cars have lower compression ratios than yours lol hopefully someone else can give you more info on why running such a high CR is not the best idea? As for moving the power curve down, you can play with your timing events to adjust the power curve to earlier on or later, the tuner should take care of this when you let him know your needs, generally advancing the timing events will bring the curve down in the rev range, overlap & lobe seperation angle can also play a part in how the power curve sits, you should have a quick read up on these so you get the general idea if you dont already. If you have the standard sr20 intake manifold with the long runners or can find a cheap one i would throw it back on, i already spoke about that and i think it was worth mentioning again. The baffled sump is also an excellent idea especially in your case! chinese ones can be had for 120 bucks or so! maybe even cheaper! and they are fine just use a quality liquid gasket like you usualy would and youl be sweet. I heard that using hyd cams on solid lifters can be noisy, I have no experience with mixing these parts, personally id just stick to hyd but different people prefer different things.. Hope i wasnt too rude this time lol pmod your cool!