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  1. Is there much difference in response between the stock and tubular manifold?
  2. Project Ranga s14

    what did you think of the gktech radiator? ive been considering it since the brought them out....
  3. Pistol Pete's 6L S15 Hit & Run - new vids!

    i like the look of the rotas... you don't need pimp wheels for a track car... can't wait to see this on the track!
  4. Drift NSW - Midnight Run - 8th September

    look i'm sorry glad to see there is enough popularity to have another club to start up... but we need track time... good luck for future events...
  5. Drift NSW - Midnight Run - 8th September

    are you kidding!... i'm looking for a new job in other states nsw is just retarded!...
  6. Moving back to newy

    i'm still cruising on this site occasionally we'll have to have a moving back cruise..
  7. 180SX Drift/street car build

    fit it up your self.. shouldn't be to bad unless its a super bad fitting kit... panel beaters are worried that you will complain that it may not a near factory fit... thats the risk after market kits... i did my old 180 and wasn't to hard just tedious...
  8. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    sounds like lenny! (karbonphyber)
  9. mechanics in newcastle

    yeah man thats him i'm pretty sure... do you know everyone? haha
  10. Your latest mod..........

    yeah only factory box... i just couldn't handle any more red... to be honest i hate the interior... what the kkr turbo not up to the task? it be awesome with the new gear fitted...
  11. Tyre Stretching in Newy

    try oneils in gates head for stretched tyres... they will tell you its illegal but if you just take the rims in so they don't have to fit them to the car...
  12. Your latest mod..........

    hey guys i've sold the 180 to a mate of mine and then got the itch again so i brought this... i have brought a new seat for it... and coilovers are ordered...
  13. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    i spotted jarich's s13 in tomago... looking and sounding awesome!
  14. Jezas rb powered s13

    rb's in s13's pfft! lol cars coming along great man...