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  1. Turbos

    how much is it for a Garrett GT3540r BB?? I remember last time I bought them for $1800AUD delivered and the GT3076RAUD for 1700/1500ish delivered?
  2. 280-300rwkw .. whats involved ?

    that was on C16 wasnt it? hmm it'll be pretty tough on pump fuel and for that power output you willing to give up response? for that output go forged bottom end.turbo and supporting mods. Hey STR8E180 isnt the oil pump the gti-r pumps?
  3. haha gee I would have forgotten about taco bell if it wasnt for this topic. Last time I had taco bell was yr 2000-01 the one on george st city. Are they still around or what????

    Yeah good power output, just pity the SR20det cannot rev because of the rocker arm problem and bore and stroke, but thats where the SR20det makes it power from I guess. About the cam selection it also depends on your CR not only turbo selection to who ever made the comment about the cam selection. I would have used the GT3040,C16 and nitrous oxide/water injection etc etc. If I was going down the competition path for the car. overall good setup for a street car. What times will you be expecting??
  5. Baffled oil sump

    Why would you want to skip on something so important? Try the Japanese brands, if not go local but I think local will be more expensive because its custom.
  6. Pretty sure its GTR23L. Black V SPEC II GTR, was featured in one of the HPi magazines (forgot which one.)
  7. OLD S14 AND NEW S15

    Thats a pretty big mofo! Engine assembled yet?
  8. haha that turbonetics T76 is going on a monster GTR. but doesnt mean the engine etc whatever will make 2200 hp. If I remember GTR23L made 350-4004AWKW @CRD with a blitz/kkk turbo which was rated @ 900/800hp. Lets see how much it'll make this time.
  9. 9:1 CR isnt too bad thats what im after when I get my engine rebuild. IMO its better then the 8.5:1 CR PWR make good radiators.
  10. D1 Garage and Origin Australia

    Hi just wondering if you have carbon fibre bonnet for 180sx?
  11. s15 vs. type-R DC2

    DC2R is quite fast IMO, but If i was to modify i would take the S15
  12. Rb25 or 26 into s13?

    Yeah its been done before, if your in Sydney i could show you my engine conversion.
  13. Knock readings on PFC

    a knock reading of 50+ then you should be worried.
  14. Adjustable Fuel Regulator

    discopotatoe is on the money. I dont think the fuel regulator affects A/F ratio, thats up to the ecu/tuner.
  15. Hi do you have rear hatch/tailgate for 180sx?