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  1. 180sx vs monaro

    i cant race anything in the ceffie . hits boost and loses traction . damn drfiter........ kermit
  2. should V8's have there own class

    i agree its a sensible post but repeating it is irritating . youve said what you think so why say it again? kermit
  3. should V8's have there own class

    i would be all for a professional class and an amature class . anything to split Bolgers V8 up from the others . i dont find it interesting to watch a factory built 1000 bhp car up against s13's and 86's etc .( is even worse that bolger is a twat anyway ) If factory built cars were seperated then it would encourage more factory built cars to join the class as the class would be boring. then i wouldnt have to listen to the uneducated trevs getting a hard on watching the bogan boys in action . kermit
  4. Exhaust systems

    youre not making much sense . how can a custom exhaust be similar to a china exhaust? custom exhausts are built to have minimal bends and be as free flowing as possible and aside from that they are built to suit your car, not a mass produced system that should ( kind of ) fit most cars. A custom stainless exhaust should be TIG welded therefore there can be nothing inside to cause any sort of restriction either. just because it is a brand name doesnt mean its better built or designed. ive modded many brand name exhausts because of fitment problems . kermit
  5. Exhaust systems

    just bear in mind that if you go too large the gases will cool too fast and the speed of the gases will drop . basically a well designed custom system will be cheaper and just as effective as a expensive branded exhaust. many HKS etc exhausts dont fit that well either unless you have the whole system ( turbo back on stock turbo). custom made is always the bast way as it is made to suit your car not every car. kermit
  6. Custom Plates

    wanted " SX MANIAC" but sold my 180 before i could buy it. kermit