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  1. CA18 head bolts

    did you put the lube in the threads before tightening?
  2. ^^ you, and the newbie above it are fcking idiots. If you dont know even know shit why post bollocks? I assume you are talking about this (top unit not the s14 digital): The answer is yes, you can do it. You will need the two heater motors under the dash (evaporation unit not needed) and complete wiring loom and sensor from an analogue unit. It isnt an easy job and if you are not electrically minded i would leave it to an electrician.
  3. GReddy Clearence Sale

    do you have the oil sandwich plate for the SR20?
  4. Front Splitters

    They are Origin http://www.origin-lab.com/index.php?sectio...&sub=canard
  5. i got fluffy dice hanging off it lol
  6. blitz b/c help

    control units for the Spec S(single solenoid) and Spec R(dual solenoids) are the same. And no you cant use the control unit with a different brand solenoid.
  7. s13 aftermarket option aero

    its a addon lip to the stock front bar. and yes it is aftermarket. Genuine Nismo front bar is a one piece item, with the ducts. You wont find the ducts without the front bar itself anyway.
  8. Tein Mono Flex vs. Silkroad RM A8

    tein monoflex jap cars, buy japanese engineered items for them

    can you supply the above item in black?
  10. pulled over at the booze bus, perfectly sober guy coming home from a hard friday at uni: 1. Suspension too stiff, suspected to be "drift suspensions" 2. Reflective sticker (chrome sticker sized 12cm x 4cm) being a road hazard and a distraction to other drivers 3. Air conditioner not working, windscreen was misting up. 4. No rear seats (car was registered as a two seater) and.... WAIT for it....... 5. White tint on the front windscreen, and illegal tints on the side windows (had the nissan stock factory coloured glass on) Totally made my day, when he was writing the ticket i kept asking if it was because I was asian. He took me into the bus and some senior guy started asking me questions on my details, where i live and when my rego expires etc.. Wouldnt let me drive home on the defected vehicle, saying it is unsafe even tho he messed up and already wrote 10 days on it. PS. could have been worse i presume, no vaseline and gloves and a very large discharge hole were involved
  11. CA rectangular indicators or EBAY
  12. pls take a look at this pic

    it's the single pole one.
  13. a 6 cylinder 2.5 litre will always have the advantage, with the stage 2 cams and assuming you have all the other equivalent supporting mods and the right ECU/tune you will be able to pull out 300kwatw weighting 3/4 of what a boat does. it also depends on what you are gonna use the car for. If it is a show off at the red light kinda thing and at the drags the Rb25neo and upper castor arms will be better. if its a true sports fun car and handling go for the s15.