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  1. 2009 DRIFT Super Cup @ Mallala - RUN AND WON!

    wat times it start tonight?
  2. well done guys, drift fest was awesome.........so im sure this will take DA into a whole new era. looking forward to catching up with u

    HAHAHAHA, sucker

    you dont need a qualified electrician to run a phone line into your shed dude.......that requires an ACA licence known as "open reg", basically allows a 1st year provided he has this licence to run phone cable and terminate it. all good tho

    i dare say hardly anyone would drive on 2nds anymore........especially with 30% tread, you trying to cause crashes or something bill?
  6. whos over NYE?

    had nothing but grief the whole night........never felt so uncomfortable or unappreciated. so it was fair f**king ruined, i knew it was gonna be shit, but i tried my hardest to pull myself out of that thinking and still ended in headf**ks
  7. NS is has become ground hog day

    And Robby will "win" all events, he will also fly himself and his car "first class" to the US and will further more parade himself on Option as being the biggest Jackass in drift history...... then after that.....i shall abuse him on NS again - being the ultimate e-warrior i am and he will ring me a gazillion times threatening to "kill me" yep 2009, the things to look forward to
  8. Your worst

    you are very very correct........... it is definately handy to have, havnt given up simone, just doing many other things and havnt got the time nor fundage.........something will happen eventually again
  9. Your worst

    f****ker.........was expecting wazza or boxer to post that bad mammories, i got better and learnt alot from that........
  10. 1997 C35 Laurel blacktop SR HKS 2835 =)

    paint them pink you pansy
  11. Your worst

    thought it was gunna be Beached Ezz.. but thats worserer That is literally the first drift video I ever filmed. I'd just taken the lens cap off beat me to it cush i've had plenty of moments... that was one of the worste... although the rest of that day was better... no longer caring about the car... we fixed the bent rad support with 1 rope, 1 pole in the ground, and 1 reverse gear fixed the cooler piping with silicone, race tape, and cable ties... and went back out to qualify 8th hahahaha awesome day in the end another was 4 or 5 years back... christmas eve... driving home at 10pm, pissed off after a crappy nightfill shift, streets are still packed, turning right through a main intersection... slid and spun onto the adjoining road... while a cop is pulling left from the opposite direction onto the same road. Court was fun Another interesting one was a comp back in 2005 at winton in Vic... blew my head gasket in the top 8... ended up winning the comp after 3 re-runs in the final so the motor took a pounding.... then leg and I had to drive the car back to adelaide that night with the head gasket still gone... farting competitions to pass the time worked well, and badly at the same time (i won ) My best memory would have to be... 2005 Formulae 1 Motel, Melbourne near the airport, Last round of the Fullock Nationals, Billye Leg and i Share a $69 dollar room, the shower, is more of a fogging machine than a wet area, Leg and I share the double bed, he was below sheets i was above... his hand slowly brushed across my face, and he felt the bristle of my unshaven face... I hear the sound of Leg saying "Mim..." He was big spoon... and i was waaaaay too comfortable... Leg went on to win the event... Buuuuuuuuuut a year later, Leg Aussie and I went to Kamakazie Battle, we shared a room at Bendigo, This time Leg had the sinlge, Aussie and I shared the double bed, again i was above sheets Aussie below... as i turned in my sleep, my leg slipped thru the sheets, and touched Aussie's leg... He JUMPED sooooo high off the bed i thought id find him still clawed to the ceiling... Aussie went on to win that event... soooo the moral of this story is... Leg makes a better big spoon, and sleep with mike and you win at drift events! M Hmmmm......two guys in a bed at a "$69" dollar room......just like transformers there could be more then "meats" the eye we never do enjoy it
  12. Looking for DA Franchise

    call the union
  13. The Rollerblade thread

    So what was your folks reaction when you told em?
  14. clearly not a builder are you.......? like BillyE said, invest in something worth while......Mark Phillips got out at the perfect time and is now reaping the benefits, maybe more people should have paid more attention to his thread regarding this a while back, was a good wake up call for some......was taken as offence to others
  15. Drift australia down to one round!

    Stadium drift just got a whole lot better........ Bag the series all you want, but atleast what Ian is doing will actually keep drift going and is amazing fun....the whole feel of no competition even though your in a competition is something to be said and seen. Drivers love the series and the show and his plans are much much more credible, even if American drives arent on the cards, Stadium Drift will still continue to grow.