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  1. 2 x S15 and 2 x R32 skid rims. As pictured. Pickup in St Ives. PM for contact.
  2. Price : $600 Condition : Used I have the follow parts for sale as I've sold my 180SX and no longer need them. Prices are firm and I have no problems keeping them until they're sold as they're not taking up alot of space. Contact me on 0402 732 412. Located on the North Shore near Chatswood. 1) Greddy Grex Oil cooler and filter relocation kit for S13 SR20DET. Great condition, cleaned. Cooler core is 13 rows and fins are in great condition. Includes mounting bracket. I never used it, and the previous owner said he used it for less than 10,000kms. $600 2) Unichip ECU. Came with my car when i bought it, replaced it with a Nistune so it's been sitting there for about 3 years. Was tuned with a 97 180SX SR20DET with GT2860RS, Greddy intercooler, turbo-back exhaust. Unsure how much power it was producing at the time. Only comes with what's pictured. $150 3) Greddy oil catch can. Brand new and un-used. Includes all mounts, bolts and fittings, and standard hoses. $100 4) S13/180SX stock castor, traction, camber and control rods. Great condition. Includes bolts. $250 for the lot. 5) HKS mushroom pod filter, great condition, includes S13 AFM adapter and mounting brackets. $50
  3. mate, can you get anything in 5x100 +35 minimum for a 2001 Audi S3 8L? pm me with options if so, cheers.
  4. yeah i was going to say, i'm not going to take any of movieboy's advice there. went and tried to deadlift 140kg's after 2months off? body will naturally re-align your spine?
  5. Defi style gauges

    dont have oil pressure in type 2?

    front and rear b-spec pads for 1997 180SX type-x, how much delivered to NSW 2075? please, thanks.
  7. Hi all, i've got a lower back strain from over exertion (playing too much basketball - 4 times a week, lifting weights 4 times a week, not doing any cross training). My physio's got me to do a couple of swimming sessions a week as a cross-training routine (and to be honest, i did the first session just this past weekend, and my knees and legs felt fresher than they have in years). but at the same time, i'm plateauing with my weights routine. i've decided to switch my routine up and do a bulking routine cycle for 4-6 weeks. i've got a friend who's quite knowledgeable and he's recommended i get into german volume training. looks painful, but i'm committed. only thing is, physio's specified that i dont do any excercises that require a lifting motion which is supporting by my lower back. so i cant do deadlifts, hang cleans, standing curls, or lateral raises. been doing wide-grip pullups, wide-grip seated rows, and wide-grip lat pulldowns for a while so i want to change out of them. i'm going to do reverse pushups on the smithmachine, but i need a couple more excercises for my back as i dont want to risk cramping and injury as i up the weights and intensity on my chest and shoulders with this german volume training. appreciate it guys.
  8. I've made a post about a boost drop-off issue I'm having in the Tech Articles section. I still have the stock rubber intake piping running at the moment. I've got an SR20DET, GT2860RS and Z32 afm which is being reduced to the stock rubber piping width. Where can I get a metal intake pipe for this which is the same width as the z32 afm also? Cheers guys
  9. Hey all, my problem is as follows: Car setup: 1997 180SX SR20DET 78,000 km's GT2860RS Greddy FMIC kit Greddy Profec B Spec II Tomei Poncams Z32 AFM Nismo 740cc Injectors 3-inch turbo-back exhaust Catco Cat Walbro in-tank flowing fine Nistune Daughterboard ecu Apexi pod filter Stock S13 BOV Car has been tuned by Yavuz at Unigroup Engineering to 201rwkw. See below dyno sheet. The problem is that the boost is dropping off from 19psi to 14psi resulting in the somewhat disappointing power figure given the setup. Yavuz mentioned to me when I first picked up the car that it's an actuator problem and that I should look at getting an adjustable actuator. GCG Turbo's have confirmed that the actuator that comes with the GT2860RS is already adjustable with a base pressure of 14.7psi and capable of around 22psi. Yavuz now says that the boost drop off problem is attributable to the turbo itself and not being able to keep up with the engine as it breathes throughout the whole rev range. I know that the stock S13 BOV will most likely be leaking in this setup but Yavuz doesn't think that it will make a huge difference when it's replaced with a stronger one. I've got a blitz BOV now that I need to fit. He also went through the entire system when he was tuning the car and is happy with minimal boost leakage throughout it. Also, I've still got the stock rubber intake piping in there. I've been told by someone with a similar issue that the piping got sucked inwards under the boost pressure. Thanks in advance guys.
  10. hey where are you located? can you provide more detailed pics of the 180SX parts?
  11. NEW Zenkai Drift Wheels! HOT HOT HOT

    where and what from are these manufactured?
  12. GReddy Sale! Save $$$$'s

    got any highflow radiators?
  13. got any fibreglass vented bonnets for 180sx?
  14. hey mate. drop your price, by ALOT, and i'll definitely buy one. i can't even begin to imagine the markup going on these things at that price.