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    That sir is your VCT Cam gear rattle, very common, you need to replace the VCT Cam gear and worth doing the solenoid as well
  2. Misfire - Plug Colour

    Yes, It's a common colour if you use octane booster or injector cleaner..rust red..
  3. Misfire - Plug Colour

    Yes pretty lean colour...have you used an injector cleaner or octane booster recently
  4. Do make sure you use new injector rings when you put them back in, definitely need a new rocker gasket, that's what is on your inlet runners, oil,. Clean your plenum with carby cleaner and your IACC valve ..Just a tip, don't use it on you throttle body butterfly valve, it has a special non stick treatment on the edges and you will take that off which will cause it to stick...Repace all those old vacuum lines..
  5. Were you heal toeing with the down shifting ?
  6. You will need to bash the tunnel to fit the Z33 and the gear shift hole will need to be cut
  7. S15 Cradle movement?

    Have you looked at the drive shafts centre bearing
  8. Turbo to manifold gasket is a common issue...Ive replaced mine 4 times over the years Turbo to manifold gasket is a common issue...Ive replaced mine 4 times over the years
  9. 17x8 +30 will not rub the strut, you can put a 235 on them safely, as for rear 17x8 +35 or 17x9 are good for the rear
  10. WTB: Yellow S15 boot WITHOUT holes

    You could try these guys, the feedback Ive got about them has been excellent to deal with.... http://www.shamrockspares.com.au/
  11. yep this. go do some really easy calculations and use this website ! it even has all the inputs that you just plug in to give you the answer you seek !! http://www.carbibles..._bible_pg4.html 8"+30ish on the front will sit with stock guards 9"+38 on rear will sit with stock guards - may need a slight lip. This is what I have in 18" on mine, +30x 8 F and +38x9 R, sit flush with the guards with 235 on F and 245 R

    Yeah the DBA 4000 slotted are very good all round rotors, never had any issues with street and occasional track days
  13. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    Apart from good pads two of the best things I did to improve braking durability on the track was remove backing plates and install air ducting guides, brought my braking temperatures down significantly....
  14. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    My favourite pad now as well for street and track the Project Mu HC+ and after 12 years of S15 ownership I have used a lot of different pads, Bendix Ultimates, Hawk, Ferodo DS2500, Endless CC-X, Mu B Spec's and Endless CCR's...The HC+ are my choice for Track and street...
  15. From memory, plug and play, the auto ECU is a piggy back ECU attached to the larger ECU, just plug your manual ECU loom into the unit as you wont have the Auto loom, you should be able to remove the piggy back auto ECU of the main ECU