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  1. I pay $50 a week and also cover a quarter of the bills, which is pretty fair I think. I think if you get along with your parents then stay at home as long as possible (within reason) and save up your money. You don't necessarily have to buy a house straight away but the more you save living at home the better off you'll be later down the track. The only sacrifice is a bit of freedom and privacy.
  2. I get about 12l/100km on my Evo 9 and that's with a bit of peak hour traffic driving as well.. Easily at least 400km per tank Edit: 220 awkw. I think a good tune makes a big difference to your power and fuel economy
  3. Crash on Road to Torrens Island

    "Superintendent Bob Fauser - officer in charge of the Traffic Support Branch - said the car was on fire when police arrived at the scene. He said it appeared the driver was distracted by the flames and was not speeding at the time of the collision, since damage to the car was not significant." So even the police admit that he wasn't 'hooning' at the time of the crash, yet bring up that a vehicle was doing burnouts in the area. The media of course spin it in the hooning direction as well.
  4. America needs more than a trillion dollar coin. Last I checked their debt was over 16 trillion.. All it would do is buy a bit more time without solving the underlying issues. Although such a coin wouldn't be going into the money supply as such, surely it would still have an inflationary effect of sorts? The rest of the world would start selling off their USD, bringing down the value of US currency. How much longer until USA has Zimbabwe style million dollar notes haha?
  5. I think that it's madness that whilst cars are becoming safer and safer, speed limits continue to be decreased. In built up areas then maybe fair enough; because people stupidly run in front of cars when crossing the road instead of just waiting, but on country roads I think limits should be higher than what they are. Maybe if our lawmakers focused on proper policies to manage traffic flows, plus maintaining and improving the quality of our road surface, if all of the people who don't know how to properly drive actually paid attention to the road as well as took some driving lessons, and if pedestrians didn't dumbly throw themselves in front of cars then things would be different. Soon there will be no point even driving as eventually they will probably decrease speed limits to a walking pace. The other thing is that with everyone so scared of being caught speeding, people drive way below the speed limit which is frustrating and can sometimes cause an unsafe situation. In some cases it might be safer to briefly exceed the posted speed limit, such as when merging from an on-ramp onto a freeway where your choice sometimes can be either speed up a bit to merge in, or slam on the brakes with a truck behind you because people aren't letting you merge in. Of course though if you take the safe option and speed up then you're a criminal.
  6. Adelaide hill cameras

    As far as I'm aware the only fixed speed cameras on the freeway are at the Mt Lofty exit and Mt Osmond exit (heading towards Adelaide). I did hear a rumour about them putting cameras in the tunnel but I've driven through a few times and haven't seen anything resembling one. The green camera on the pole at the entrance/exits is just a regular camera, if that's what you're referring to?
  7. Things that make you laugh

    You should be thanking them.. They are setting off the sensor for you at the light earlier, so it's a shorter time for you to wait until the next green.
  8. Ban on high powered magnets

    Australian nanny mentality (stupidity) strikes again..
  9. Street/daily tyre reviews

    245/45r18.. Previously had Bridgestone Potenza re050 which were pretty good. Even at very very low tread they had decent grip. I went through a pair too quick though and decided to get something a bit cheaper. Now have Falken ze502 which were $200 each instead of $400+each for Potenza's. So far so good, they aren't an amazing looking tyre but are very grippy in the dry, not perfect in the wet, but great for the price. I've also heard good things about kumho ku31's.
  10. We buy any car scam

    I've owned 11 cars and only 2 I bought privately And 1 of those 2 was a total bucket of shit, I don't think I'll ever buy privately again I'm the exact opposite. Only 2 (one new) from a dealer, the rest (over a dozen) private. Perhaps my expectations are rock-bottom when buying privately Lol that's probably it When ever I see a car for sale privately I think there has to be something wrong with it unless they have a legitimate reason for sale, other than kid on the way, going overseas or buying a house Not always, a lot of people upgrade/downgrade or just want a change.
  11. The fact that I can drive at the speed limit (rather than 10% under), maintain a general awareness of my surroundings and keep left unless overtaking makes me better that 95% of Australian drivers.
  12. Damn, I skim read this as topless car wash but was bitterly disappointed.
  13. Toyota 86 - How does it stack up?

    It's not overpriced considering it's a brand new car.. You can't get much else in terms of sports cars brand new for that price. That said, I would still rather have a used 350z or 370z
  14. DIABLO 3!

    That's intense! Random thought though: When our generation all retire, will all of the nursing homes just have full on gaming lanparties? Sure beats playing bingo...
  15. Poor little FD

    ahhhh, your AV is relevant to the thread! f**k fire extinguisher! USE THE STAIRS!