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  1. Hey guys

    thanks guys, heres an update from when i last posted. some of you guys might have seen me around,
  2. RPS.13's type X

    car looks good buddy, just needs a front lip
  3. hi all new member

    congrats on the purchase, the missus got a white type x, very nice car to drive
  4. Hey guys

    ill rather the integra.. to me it just feels more tight through the corners, and atm the Teg is faster. but i like the 180 to cruise in, very nice drive.
  5. Hey guys

    thanks for the comments guys
  6. Hey guys

    thanks guys, hopefully i can get my new mods next week and ill post some updated photos
  7. Hey guys

    Just some updated pics, hope you guys like it
  8. Hello

    Congrats on the purchase, my gfs got a white type x too, nice car to drive
  9. Police and Car auctions?

    fowles do repossessions from the sheriffs departments too.
  10. Hey guys

    cheers man, gonna get them sprayed takata green soon
  11. Hey guys

    nah prob not. i drive my gf's 180 all the time, no need to get one
  12. Hey guys

    havent had the time or opportunity to do any of those things.
  13. Hey guys

    Nah the cars nearly finish.. contemplating whether i should boost it.
  14. TougeR34's Car

    Nice car man, hurry with the updates
  15. Hey guys

    Thanks man Cheers Nah dont know anyone that wants the standard ausdm itr rims. maybe if it was the jdm 16s i would take it off ya hands