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    Shattered I missed this.
  2. 17th March Practice day

    Any pics of white type x, 158B?
  3. diff 5 and 6 bolt shafts interchangeable?

    Anyone know where I can pick up 6 bolt half shafts. Swapping to a two way and I need another short 6 bolt half shaft. Cheers
  4. Sounds like the same problem I have
  5. Braided brake lines

    What did that set you back?
  6. Looking for braided brake lines for my 180. Just did a 5 stud conversion with s14/15 front knuckles, disks etc. Just wondering the best place to source some brake lines to suit? Any help is appreciated Thanks Matt
  7. Changing my rocket cover gasket on my SR and wondering whether or not I need to use gasket glue or a sealer of some kind?
  8. Trapster

    Gonna check it out!
  9. Got Dorrring.

    Bought mine a while ago off eBay. Has green machine wheels on it... Keen for a hills run
  10. Looking good boys, can't wait to see it in the hills
  11. Insane Drifters S14 Zenki

    Love the new pics papa, good work
  12. my rona

    This will look so sweet when your done with it.
  13. Cruise - A fun one.

    I'm out, just got home n car isn't running
  14. Cruise - A fun one.

    Pretty keen. PM me deatails please