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  1. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    What sort of power are you hoping to achieve? Are you doing billet wheels? Any more specs on turbo your thinking? You mentioned it didnt come with a gearbox what setup are you going to use
  2. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    What made you want to go internal gate?
  3. My super GT Nismo S15 - GT300

    What a preposterous question that is.. fancy asking him how much he paid for it.. what size thread are the wheels nuts
  4. How much for Matt black 17x8 +35 114.3

    Pics would help?
  6. SR20 VVL valve coil pack cover (Rare)

    http://www.taarks.com/SR20VE_NEO_VVL_s/130.htm Not really rare but okay glws
  7. Best exhaust for my s15?

    can only give opinions on the two i have had.... trust pe2 sounded like shit
  8. Best exhaust for my s15?

    CES cat back...... they use quality magnaflow mufflers.... no horrible drone and quality product........ but comes at a price http://www.cesracing.../products_4.htm use a bellmouth dump pipe depending on price... jjr cheap and good enough
  9. evo 8 recaro seats for sale

    Hi, Looking to sell my evo 8 seats I was going to put them in the silvia but didnt end up doing it so up for sale Drivers seat fabric is in great condition and all padding is in good order has a little crack in the rear plastic about 1.5 inch Passengers seat fabric is in good condition but will need to have a plastic shell replaced (if u have an evo just swap your plastic) Looking for $700 ........ no stupid offers please people are asking $500 for a drivers seat that has shit fabric
  10. Any updates on the mamba turbos?
  11. Boosted180 how did the 5130 go?
  12. 86 or MX5?

    lol fkn LS......
  13. 86 or MX5?

    No way thats exactly the path I ended up going. yeah mate this was when they had not even landed yet.. that was at the pre order stage
  14. 86 or MX5?

    When i was at Toyota for a service on my corolla daily at the time.... they guys told me the owner ordered a brand new 86 for him and his son and at the same time ordered x2 brand new sti engine to drop straight in..... so guess it depends how deep your pockets are and what you want........
  15. 86 or MX5?

    86 with built engine and turbo....... but depends what you want from a car if speed and power isnt important id just keep it stock
  16. 6 speed issue

    how much did it cost you to build the box with nismo 3rd and 4th gears?
  17. 6 speed issue

    this is good to know....... as im affraid my box will let go soon.... and a conversion is quite costly
  18. Best ebay purchase

    ^^^^ she loves it
  19. Powertune will do touch up tunes if its just a turbo change but once you change fueling it will need a full tune.... but touch up tunes I believe he only does on cars he previously tuned
  20. Car not starting

    Get a battery cut off switch. Can just pull the power when you go away
  21. http://www.taarks.com/category_s/61.htm
  22. what injectors ?

    i would just go 740s allows a little head room......can get second hand for around $350
  23. Just taken out of my s15 due to upgrading. S15 Stock cams $70 S15 ADM injectors in a standard s15 rail(working fine when taken out) $200 S15 Stock AFM $50 S15 T28 ADM turbo only has 120,000 on ODO- usual amount of shaft play for a bush bearing worked fine and very responsive $250 Can post at your expense.... Please PM me to arrange inspection/sale