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  1. Wakefield Drift Day 8 Jan 2012

    the word on the driveway is we might be picking up a FD while we are down there but its only word on the driveway, dont know how reliable the source is hahaha and sorry we cant tow anything down to drift we will already have the jetski on the back
  2. Wakefield Drift Day 8 Jan 2012

    Dont forget you have guests over that weekend
  3. More 'smaller scale' or fewer 'massive scale' events?

    i wouldnt make it cause i wouldnt be able to break the alliance between you and crabguts.
  4. More 'smaller scale' or fewer 'massive scale' events?

    so in the end the final round is in sydney as always that sucks cause it so far away
  5. What's your favourite Drift Track/ Venue?

    i am pretty sure there dad was actually in the pub lol but its a great track not a big enough town to hold a major event at but for a driver is so much fun same with moree the worse part is the number of people in those towns is less then the total amount of money in entry, tyres, fuel and accomdation just for the event.
  6. What's your favourite Drift Track/ Venue?

    that was the most crazy night the matching shirts or what was left of my shirt the pub to pub the freezing cold conditions mez chasing 16 year old girls the cars being covered in ice the next morning lol
  7. What's your favourite Drift Track/ Venue?

    i am going with afro stanthorpe is awesome such a fun fun track then moree but only if it was not a gravel road track surface is shit but the layout and flowing of the corners is awesome.

    what there is a comp on lol 4 days of fun in my books night one and its looking like a long weekend already and we havent even hit the track lol

    Perfect site just needs music thats all it is lacking
  10. Indy Drift

    It sounds like a cock off
  11. Gold Coast Indy - Drift

    That is correct there will be drifting on track this year numbers and drivers are being finalised this week will be more drivers then last year and more teams. Raceline will be running the event once again and i am sure they will release more details soon.
  12. Moving to Brisbane

    Yeah mine makes about 300rwkw but track only sorry but to feel any difference it all depends on the tune i have had 2 different tunes on my car and a massive difference both time making the same power with the same boost just changed a few things around.
  13. help me choose a clutch

    I have a near new ORC twin plate for sale will sell cheap for the right price comes with everything you need.
  14. Super Sunday @ Parklands

    Mate perfect pics was good seeing you again SOBER lol but there is always a next time. I knew you would have got the phot of me nearly taking out eugene we both thought it was contact for sure and was so happy you got the pic LOL Cant wait to catch up again go for a bit of a drink
  15. Team Peer

    Darren i really think you can do big things with the new 180GO the thing is a weapon good job on here