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  1. Good lawyer for traffic offences

    When I faced this situation, I Took a letter in from my Employer saying that if I lose have my licence I would lose my job, and one from a family friend as a character reference. Stand up, say you were stupid. Hand them the letters. Explain it will never happen again. Take what you get. I had a 12 month extension of my p's but didn't lose my licence. I spoke to a lawyer but he said for speeding offences like this it was better to represent myself. He was right in this instance.
  2. You will just need to buy or borrow a stocky. Ive got a few open wheelers sitting around the shed. PM if you need. Plus you should be fairly ok with regency. Put some stocky struts in there and swap out the diff (although I got through lonsdale with a locker and camber worn tyres in the ceffy)Lonsdale is the closest for you anyway. shouldnt take much to get that through.
  3. Stolen Vehicles (Discussion)

    never thought of that. a massive car list and when to find.... That's silly. Saying "I spotted a nice black 180 on portrush rd" isn't going to result in car theft What about the retards that say "Spotted a White R34 in marion car park at 7pm tonight. Its there every week at 7pm" And the people that take photos of parked cars and post them up. Or people that are stupid enough to post up photos of cars parked and write details about where they see them..
  4. Private sale refunds

    Exactly He could have had been running the pump dry constantly for a month for all you know and fcked it in that time. Could have had an electrical fault. Way too many situations in which he could have fcked it. I wouldnt be refunding him. Especially seeing as you sold it working.
  5. engine

    A ca18de can be found for $200-400 on here. Just throw that back in it. Your not doing the work so its going to cost you for the conversion.
  6. Fastest Defect Ever?

    the point of this thread was that his car had been registered a day or so earlier so it WAS legal, yet the cop took the time to find something that "wasnt" even though it was deemed rwc just before. Making someone go to regency because he "thinks" its loud and a loose weather shield... come on. Suck it up, we own imports and we're treated like shit for it so we're entitled to a bitch here and there. If you dont want to read the thread, dont open it then dont take the time to express your dislike of said thread. Wrong... Your in Vic for one and obviously do not understand SA's system. There is no RWC. Cars can go for 20+ years without getting one single inspection. They may go their whole life here without being inspected.Its only if its deemed to be defectable. Hence why I said "Have you got a DB meter? If not and havent had it tested then how do you know your exhaust is not illegal?" You can literaly drive out of Regency here and be defected again and sent straight back. I couldnt give a f**k about defects personally. WHEN it happens to me I will deal with it.Ive been pulled over many times but luckily never come across a cop that wanted to canary me. I know the risk I take when modifying cars, and thats something that alot of people dont seem to understand. You modify your car in a way that doesnt conform to road regs, then deal with it. Im definetly not going to jump on here when I get defected for the external gate etc that I knowingly put on my car and have a winge. How can I dislike a thread if I dont read its content???
  7. Fastest Defect Ever?

    I still dont understand these threads. We choose to drive imports, we choose to modify them in a way that we KNOW is illegal, and people winge when they get defected. Im not saying that modifying should be illegal. There are plenty of things we do that make our car safer, but f**k, seriously when people get defected for having a car scraping its arse on the road and a f**k off loud exhuast and blame the cops for the defect. Have you got a DB meter? If not and havent had it tested then how do you know your exhaust is not illegal? Police only need suspicion that something is illegal and it can be refered to the "Professionals" at Regency.
  8. Take out the sun roof assembly and fit a perspex panel to the hole in the roof. Then your non sun roof cage will fit.
  9. Sr20det Overheated

    What is the condition of your radiator? I had chronic overheatining issues in my 180. Did a TK test, checked for any splits or breaks in lines, compression tested, pressure tested. Changed the thermostat, but the biggest thing was the rad. On hills it would cook, normal driving it would not. I took the rad out to be cleaned and it was 98% blocked. So that 2% flow was cooling it normally but any heavy load and it cooked. Just another thing to check.
  10. Black roof on 180sx

    I like the look of it.
  11. Super cheap parts? (ebay)

    People often pay more for something that is second hand, than you could have payed for a new item. People get stuck in a bidding war to win things and overprice the f**k out of most shit.
  12. Where to buy 2JZGTE

    Definetly Japanese import Spares http://www.japaneseimportspares.com.au/enginestoyota/
  13. Drift Practice

    Sam will be out there taking pics for sure. A mate will be taking my gear and shooting some photos also.
  14. skyline turbo in sa on a budget

    Your not really looking hard enough if that shit is all you can find. http://horsepowerinabox.com/HPIAB2/prod641.htm That shows it as a t2 flange but Morrie definetly gets them in t3 flange for rb. while your there http://horsepowerinabox.com/HPIAB2/category15_1.htm 6boost rb25 manifold.