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  1. Few pics I got from the day. Not a whole lot sorry.

    Nothing special but my efforts.
  3. fitting kouki s14 bumper to zenki s14

    While on the topic of S14's I noticed this trend from an event on Alexi's site. Different...
  4. VDC Memebers Day

    More pics here http://www.vicdrift.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=942&st=0&gopid=5782entry5782
  5. From what tow car we saw when we went past I don't think you'll have a leg to stand on The situation looked pretty bad, good to see you guys are all ok. Did you have the car tied down with anything else or just the winch?
  6. The pictures put together = "Cool" Kelly Mckinnion Boobs and obviously Delirium
  7. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Cutting them is only half the problem. I would also need to tap new thread on to the tie rod as well and to be honest there is not a whole lot more adjustment you can get even doing this. JIS is sending me some Ikeya Formula tie rods Monday
  8. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Put my R33 knuckles from Nigel in but found the stock tie rods run out of thread/ tie rod ends can't screw any further to get rid of the toe in. In case it hasn't been mentioned future note for anyone with a skyline that you'll need to modify your tie rods or go aftermarket.
  9. username change request

    Can I please have mine changed to Habler. Thanks.
  10. Taken from SAU "Mine will be up around 5pm tonight, had a few problems uploading the other day so basically had to start again, my ISP is going to rape me this month sad.gif" in reference to Jarrods photos.
  11. Correct. I was hesitant to buy it at first but was assured by several people that the process was far easier than fire wire. I really should have researched into the DVD-Cameras first but every single camera in the store was DVD! Its seemed like the logical choice in my young and stupid mind. Lets just say that the staff who had "worked in the camera industry for years" quickly pointed out that "We have nothing to do with the cameras.. we just sell them" after they had received the money but had promised that "I won't have any problem doing my normal editing with the camera". Anyway mini DV is tops.
  12. Turboed - Thanks for the tip about Vegas letting you use .vob! I use to film and edit skate videos (mainly with some Panasonic and Sony VX1000) with adobe premiere back in the day. Last year i upgraded cameras after not having much to do with filming and editing for years and made the terrible decision of getting a 3CCD Panasonic that records to the mini DVDs. The supplied program that comes with the camera is a pile of shit and after a lot of researching it seems there is no real easy way of getting the footage off the DVDs and in a format that makes it easy to edit. I resorted to buying a AV to firewire converter so I could at least edit but the loss of quality is so disappointing. But if Vegas can edit .vob files this may be the solution!! So thanks. Anyway one else ran into this problem or are you all still running tapes/HDD cameras? ** Update- turns out Vegas not only lets use .vob files, it converts them to mpegs by just using "import" then "DVD camcorder disc". Solved a lot of problems!
  13. Pretty much as soon as the gates open.

    Jared charged $30 for a CD with every image he had of my car from the February event. To give you an idea I got close to 15 good images while some mates had 20. Do you have any of the images not cropped? Most of the images are cropped extremely close and really weird...