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  1. Sunglasses

    My mate got some D&G ones ofr about $500 and they looks pretty nice, so not all hope is lost. Here are my Prada sunnies, gonna get another pair that are pretty similar soon I got the same prada ones only with black lense lovin them awesome sunnies
  2. who would fight kimbo?

    lol kimbo got his ass kicked
  3. who would fight kimbo?

    teska wtf are u talkin about pride all the time for its over. PRIDE was bought out a couple of years ago and there hasnt been an event for ages closest thing to pride now is Affliction which is where Fedor fights now. For the record I reckon tyson would get destroyed in UFC its not like u just magically learn a decent ground game lol
  4. im in , if i remember corectly I dominated this league last year lol, team name is tpb
  5. who would fight kimbo?

    crocop broke his orbital bone in his cheek with that punch lol ufc 87 was awesome lesnar is huge hope he fights kongo next
  6. hey guys thought over the last few months have let my self get lazy and have put on a few kg at the moment im 189cm and weigh a very soft 105kg so I thought its time for me to get serious about the diet side of things and shed some fat was having a fiddle with a diet what do u guys think? 7.30 am 3 boiled eggs 11am 20almonds/20cashews 2pm 2 95 gm cans of tuna + mixed vegies or 300gm chicken breast mixed vegies 5pm 95gm can of tuna small apple 8.30 250gram lean rump steak + heaps of vegies (brocolli, cauliflower etc 11.30 250gram cottage cheese If I eat the tuna for lunch it works out to be 1837 calories 46% fat 40% protein 14%carbs If i eat the chicken breast for lunch 2018 calories 40%fat 49%protein 11% carbs Ive had succes with similar diets in the past which then help me go from 128kg to 94kg but as I said ive been very lazy and have gone back up to 105kg
  7. who would fight kimbo?

    im hopin fedor fights randy aswell would be an awesome fight fedor fought about 3 weeks ago against tim sylvia (6foot8 former ufc champ) beat him in 35seconds lol exploded with 5-6 punches took it to the floor and choked him out lol. btw not sure if u guys saw in them highlights but how crazy is it when randleman drops fedor on his head with that slam I thought shit this dudes gona be paralyzed but instead he gets up and submits the guy rofl /
  8. who would fight kimbo?

    these days u cant just be an awesome boxer/kickboxer/wrestler/jiu jitsu guy because everyone trains so hard on all aspects of fighting so if u go in there with only one skill base u will get destroyed by the guys tyson included IMO check out fedor though guys so explosive for his size , combined with his unbelievable grapling (sambo) guys pretty much unstopable
  9. who would fight kimbo?

    shame crocop cant take a headkick as good as he gives lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqcnQJJxrgU
  10. who would fight kimbo?

    lol kimbo sucks hasnt fought any one yet who woulda thought the best fighter in the world is a pudgy russian bloke lol
  11. Couple of questions

    the bar should touch the ground after each rep and should stop so dont bounce it of the floor lol
  12. not long to go now im gona go nerd it up at eb games for midnight launch tomorow lol
  13. Martial Arts

    sambo works for fedor lol
  14. 4th post in >>link to her website all the pics u want
  15. as far as i know 180sx kid board presses and work with bands and chains maybe floor presses . Some one corect me if im completely wrong lol