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  1. Hi guys i recently bought a defi boost gauge copies which can run with the control unit, was wondering if someone can put me in the right direction about the wiring diagram? There actually 4 wires black white red and yellow, not sure about the yellow? Also in boost sensor theres 3 wires theres white red and yellow but the connection wire for boost sensor has only 2 wires which is red and white... Any help will be appricated thank u
  2. Good fabrication shops

    This is for sr'... Im after a custom pipe for an evo
  3. Hi guys do u know where are the good fabrication shops in sydney that can make custom made intake pipe and also if theres one that does battery relocation tray??
  4. Good Exhaust shop

    Northmead exhaust are bit pricey.. id rather get a off the shelf front pipe for evo 6 have you guys heard of hi tech exhaust or carline exhuast in seven hills? heard theyre ok
  5. Good Exhaust shop

    Sydney hills area, where abouts is Carlton??
  6. Hi guys just wondering if you recommend any exhaust shop which is reputable also know of jap cars like Evo 6, planning to get front pipe and dump pipe made for my 6.5 let us knw cheers
  7. Hi can u guys make battery tray and intake pipe for Evo 6?? So i can move the battery and purchase the custom cai box??
  8. Do you have box enclosures for Evo vi without using battery relocation kit.
  9. Hi is there any pod kits that will suit Evo 6/6.5?? Also is there any box enclosure for Evo 6.5?? Thanks
  10. Which 17's will fit an Evo brakes??
  11. Local PARTS for sale

    ill take it 200 cash
  12. Hi Guys I m planning on changing my radiator asap Have you guys have any experience on this kind of radiators ??? Are they straight drop in with no modifications?? Are they any good? are they worth the money compared to a new stock mitsu radiator?? Which is better to get? I was thinking if its about the same price as the new mitsu radiator, i was just gonna get the alloy ones from justjap? what u guys think?? Cheers
  13. also with their deal.. Does it come with 12 months REGO with the car??
  14. Thanks for that guys Cant wait to see the wife hehee
  15. Hey guys Im planning to buy an EVO 7 asap, saw this ad from Versionone Autoimport in Botany Sydney, they sell few evos there. Was wondering how are they like, eg. good reputation? or Dodgy sales/cars?? Please help me out, as I might check the car this weekend. Cheers