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  1. Keeping Traction!

    Yeh because boost just sneaks up on you. WOAH where did that come from! that didn't happen the last 300 times I've accelerated.
  2. This was happening to me, I was finding it was splitting open on the inside bend of the 90 silicon joiner, so I pissed it off and put an aluminum 90 in there with straight silicon hoses and haven't had it happen since. I reckon welding the elbow would be the ultimate solution though.
  3. 2 way LSD

    Because we're all building D1 Street Legal cars here. ITS SRS BIZ. Wait, are you the one guy on this site NOT building a D1 car?? ahah nice
  4. Want to earn $$ for being a pilot ?

    Same deal, I'll be availible for a weekend run if needed and the day suits. Let us know what day you are thinking and I'm sure someone will be able to help you out. Something you should think about also is tolls. If you are driving from one side of Sydney to the other its a few tolls, going from all the way from lane cove through to the hume on the m5 is probably going to be around 20+ bucks (sydney roads suck!). No biggie, but the tolls points are a pain and not all have a cash booth. Solution for this is either sign up a Breeze account (Breeze is valid across numerous Australian toll providers) with a little bit of credit in it to cover any tolls you go through. It then makes it super easy. If you don't have a tag you can dial a number to pay the toll after. However be aware the toll roads are owned by different companies, so each toll has its own number (No shit!), seriously how retarded is it! So you could then expect to be web searching for all the damn tolls you have gone through!! Another option is borrow a spare E-Tag off the Sydney host and just give the cash for the tolls, if I end up doing it I have an additional one that can be borrowed, I'm sure many others do as well. Tolls in Sydney are not really avoidable unless you want to travel an unrealistic distance to bypass, I am talking a massive massive detour, so hitting tolls is 100%definately something you should plan for. Another heads up for the drive is that on the main aterial roads that you will be using there are speeding cameras in set positions, Sydney people know where they are, but probably won't be super effective in giving you the heads up, so whilst on main roads its really worth while sticking to speed limits, especially if you find yourself in one of the many many tunnels around the place. Obviously if you are able to provide a more precise pick up location, can give better advice and exact tolls. Traffic is also a big one, best time to do this is on a weekend. Second best time is after 7:30pm weekdays. Third best time is take a gamble about 11:00am to 2:00pm weekdays, but this could be average. Do not attempt this drive between 7:00am-11:00am weekdays or 3:00pm to 7:00pm weekdays, unless you like going nowhere fast! It will additionally make it very stressful for the visiting driver as Sydney drivers are average at best, and the best aggressive average ones are out in rush hours! Hope this gives you a bit more insight into Sydney! How much fun it is! Lol one last one, on the Hume now, heaps of Mobile speed camera vehicles, I saw two on the hume inbetween the end of the M5 and Goulburn last Thursday. Dan
  5. Are you a male? Men drive manuals. Forget the auto, you will have nothing but regret...
  6. gearbox oil change

    I found the threadPopular Choices Of Fluids but at the end, Loz has closed it but supplied a broken link to an article I cannot find in the articles section, any help?
  7. gearbox oil change

    has anyone got a link to a bigger thread about gearbox and diff oil? I'm running an Sr20 standard gearbox, using the car for it 80% track stuff now, should I get the redline lightweight shockproof or the MTL? My diff is currently the standard LSD, its due for a change, will be the last before it is upgraded, is redline heavywieght shockproof the go for this? Any help would be awesome thanks guys Dan
  8. Listing Of Workshops In Sydney

    Just wanted to give a positive shout out for Indy So at IS Motor Racing in Rockdale He just tuned my power fc on some good advice from a work mate, first tuner I've had who sat down with me and went over everything he did in detail. Super helpful and actually gave a shit, very impressed! The car drives so differently now, it is f**king awesome. Not so impressed with the previous tuner who didn't open up most of the options on my EVC5 in my last tune...
  9. So thanks to my new tuner, who has actually informed me of the missing component of my D-Jetro system I now seek to find that component. So i know I need the N3A1-18-845 mazda temp sensor (blue) what I am unsure about is the harness for it, is it the APEXi - Power FC - D-Jetro Option parts D Jetro Temperature Harness 415-XA03? or something else? Additionally, does anyone know anywhere in Aus that I can order these parts over the web? It would seem my searches are coming up blank, and only with nengun, rhdjapan, greenline coming up with the parts for sale, I was kinda hoping to get the parts really fast if possible. Additionally, does anyone else find the search engine on this site super hard work to get proper search results out of??
  10. Brake Bias

    I'm interested in information about brake bias adjusters as well. As my understanding of the brake system at the moment is that it has little in the way of adjustability. Like I'm thinking if you had a brake that was locking up before other brakes for instance, would a brake bias adjuster allow you to individually set each corner so you can fine tune the system? Just for interests sake, as I am new to the brake system, but from my limited experience it doesn't look overly complicated.
  11. Soak the axle end with wd40, if you are going to bash it with a metal hammer, be careful as you can smash the threads down and it won't go through the hole if you deform it too much. Same goes with putting the nut on there and hitting that, slightly better but you can still deform it and f**k yourself. Smashing a piece of wood is a good idea, but your best best is to get an 8" claw gear puller from Supercheap for about $40 and wind that mofo out of there, less chance of getting it stuck in your knuckle if it is badly siezed in there! Another use for the claw gear puller is removing steering wheels, just in case you wanted another use to justify the purchase!
  12. Battery info

    If you want to run a relocated battery, I would definately suggest a good quality dry cell with 0 gauge cable to relocate. If you check out ebay you can get a sweet deal on high quality audio 0 gauge cabling from the states. What does high quality get you? Generally the better quality the the more flexible it will be, ie easier to work with. Once you have a look at some good quality cabling you will never ever go back to the generic cheap crap they sell at autobahn and the like, it is so damn smooth in comparison to work with! But yeah anyway, if you go the relocation path, 0 gauge and good quality for your active line and probably 4 gauge to your earth point in the rear. Of course might as well get some high quality audio battery terminals and connectors while you are it, save a spastic amount of cash vs prices here in Aus. Remember to get grommits for any holes you need to make, you'll need a couple for engine bay to rear area relocation.
  13. s13 rear cradle bushes

    You can do this yourself if it is a straight up bush change, however it is a litte hard work because you won't have the best case scenario tools at home. Your two choices would be an OEM or similar replacement ie rubber type or Solid ie Powered by Max, SPL, generic etc It is not a hard job for a suspension places ie Pedders to do, they can replace the bushes with thier generic replacement for your model, or you can bring along your own and get them to fit them, probably the way to go. Like bling says, plenty of previous info posted on various forums about how to do both. Last word, removing bushes with manual means is a prick.
  14. standard air box vs pod

    holy crap man you just blew my mind with the computer case job, I have a sweet black comp case, just sitting here that is perfect thickness for an airbox! Thanks!

    Could I get a price on SCR and SCR pro for Z32 Front price on SCR Pure Plus 6 and SCR for Z32 Rear Thanks!