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  1. Drift crews/clubs/team

    Team Kamikaze SPL. We're based in Bundaberg qld. Not much action lately, can barely afford to go to the track. Only one of us gets to the track often. Here's my car with old logo and also pic of new logo's.
  2. What has happened to some drifters etc.

    As everyone has mentioned i think everyone drops out for the same reason... lack of money! To get ahead in anything in life you've gotta have the personality and brains! Maybe some people just didn't have what it took to get major sponsorship. I'm probably way off with my comments here cuz i dont know any drivers personally but maybe when it gets to a pro level, corporate sponsors want the best people representing their products. not always the best drivers. my 2 cents

    man they look gangster thats why the bitches are hanging with them! lol
  4. REVS/KNIGHTSPORTS FC at eastern creek

    lol cool video! TOOHEYS PLATINUMS get me f&*cked up !!! lol. they're pretty hardcore
  5. Sponsors for Josh James

    ohh poor darren in that video "the man who's personally on a crusade to never wear a cool looking helmet!" lol funny funny

    yeh i kinda figured that mark. thats why i left the questions fairly open. not really asking any specifics but so far it seems hard to get any info on the suppliers of cheap wheels. big name wheel don't seem to be too much of an issue.
  7. I'm currently looking at possibly opening my own specialist mag wheel and tyre store. At this point i'm just trying to do a bit of homework as to whether or not it would be viable. Unfortunately ive never been in the wheel/tyre business and have absolutely no contacts in the industry. So! i've got a few questions: How difficult is it to find distrubutors of wheels? both cheap (eg. vault, ozzy racing, apec, lexani) and brand (work, wedssports, volk, ssr) Is there generally a big profit margin with wheels and tyres? What are the general running costs? I guess the goal of the business would be to offer a huge range of wheels at cheaper prices than the large chain outlets (bob jane etc) Any other info would be greatly appreciated. cheers patrick
  8. Who is the BIGGEST celeb

    id have to say Denzo is still the most recognizable face in australian drifting
  9. d1 drift cars

    i hate to say it but laurence is totally right. in my opinion the first two things that make or break a car is RIGHT HEIGHT AND WHEELS. if ur question is about graphics i reckon D1 cars generally have an underlay of some kinda of graphics (splashes, spikes, cracks) sometimes mirror effect. on top of that they stack a f**k load of sponsor stickers and stick with a particular colour theme. eg. they wont' have a white car wtih blue, green, red , black different coloured stickers all over it. i think the style in the MSC series is bright colours and graphics plus multicoloured wheels! example: vertex soarer, red car, red chrome and gold graphics with matching stickers.
  10. QLD driftstate promo vid

    yeh isn't the straight between 2 and dipper like 200-300m? i'd say its pretty hard to link without a fishtail in between (not that i've ever done it myself) lol
  11. got defected

    hey guys just a quick question my g/f got pulled up and defected so now shes gotta put her car in for inspection and were a little worried about her suspension were not sure if there up 2 austalian standard or not so if any 1 knows if they r or not that would be great anyway there special edition racing logic coilovers dont know numbers or anything we just got the car like that so yeah any information would help alot thanks
  12. this is my 180 hehe im proud of it but gotta get round to makin it slightly lower
  13. Tow car?

    remember this is gonna be my girlfriends car so she still wants to cruise in a nice daily. Maybe a 2J Aristo with big single is the answer? lol