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  1. R200 diff identification

    Thanks champ. Will open them up to check centres/ratios
  2. R200 diff identification

    Got it. Had to compress iPhone photo file size
  3. R200 diff identification

    Your right. For some reason I can't upload pics. It fails.
  4. R200 diff identification

    Thanks. They're r200's but from what cars is what I'm interested in. New to nissans and just trying to piece things all together for interchangeability. Surprised I havnt been able to find much info on the stamps.. This forum doesn't get the same sort of traffic it used to when I was active many years ago. is there a Facebook page or something?
  5. R200 diff identification

    Can't upload photos from my phone..
  6. Hey guys, Anyone ID these diffs for me?? Have searched but can't find. One is stamped UN and the other A5. UN one has chunky cooling fins on the rear and viscous lsd sticker. Also slightly different mounts than the A5. Thanks
  7. Price : $700 Condition : Good set of 4 genuine bbs rs 038 rims for sale they come with tyres, plenty of tread 5/114.3 +25 offset flat backed so can be redrilled no cracks, dents etc.. very minor rashing hard to find, dont bother with crap 1 piece replicas, rebuild these to fill your guards!! email for pics bwah@live.com.au can ship interstate
  8. Price : $0 Condition : Used Looking for a set of 15 inch 4 stud BBS RS rims.. any pcd or width considered Cheers
  9. Stadium Drift in South Australia...

    mardle got stooooged he rocks!
  10. where can i buy new bride seat rails from im after a 'ro35mo' rail to suit my fc3s i cant find one second hand anywhere and i dont want to wait for it to be imported from japan is there anywhere is oz that supplies them? or has 1 second hand? cheers
  11. Drift cats hero!

    awesome run... seen kuroi in the same car on an old video on the streets driving like that... insane!
  12. FRENCH DRIFT SERIES - Exhibition Match Teaser

    go the french fc and jz !