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  1. too many heroes in this thread now.. to the OP, hopefully the cops do something and justice prevails
  2. Time for a new ride

    I'd go for something like an evo 8 MR for that price range
  3. kumho ku36 in 235\40\18 x 4 and postage to 5108 SA ? payment details?
  4. losing beer belly \ fat

    freaken oath, now i know why i dont post
  5. losing beer belly \ fat

    ^ just going by what 180 mph said by increasing to increase fat intake?
  6. losing beer belly \ fat

    would eating more carbs such as rice and pasta be a good thing?
  7. Ok, have a bet going on with a mate. The bet is for me to lose my weight and gain a six pack by the end of 3 months. I am very short, 163cm but weigh 72kg Breakfast: scrambled eggs + protein shake Snack: banana Lunch: chicken breast + vegies Snack: nuts Dinner: tuna + salad my plan is to eat something like that above every day with some days eating steak instead or tuna for the 3 months, and fitting my weights and cardio training in 3 times a week. will eating the same thing for this period of time be bad for me, or would it be beneficial for me to reach my goals? any tips\ help?
  8. hahaha, theres actually two parts of paralowie, the areas near the maccas and hungry jacks of boliva road is prob the better side of paralowie not so bogan but towards paralowie high \ waterloo corner road side thats where they all
  9. Melbourne Cup

    if it rained lastnight in melb then, i'd be backing cest la guerre
  10. need a tow to autosalon on friday

    ^ well said... although it might be too late, give this number a buzz 0413 360 666, http://www.davesdynamictowing.websyte.com.au/ very cheap as well, towed my car from the salisbury area to lonsdale at a very good price.
  11. evo 9

    that IX is so fkn hot ~ where did u get those side spats from im looking for some for my VII ?
  12. '01 Black Evolution VII

    looks nice as
  13. [SOLD] Evo 7. $22600.

    bump! =D indeed thats a bargain!! i recently bought one for 27k and i thought i had a heaps good deal!! they are awesome to drive, so somebody snap this up!!!!!!!!!!!