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  1. most things have sold - first post is up to date. still got wheels and a few odds and ends

    good to hear you're getting back into it. looking forward to seeing the rebirth
  3. Track tyres and the size game

    Your wheel offset, and to a lesser extent your ride height, will be the determining factors of where and when your tyre scrubs. 235/40 is a very conservative size tyre to use on a silvia and can fit just fine. You're stressing over nothing here
  4. Track tyres and the size game

    I've had 235/40 and 255/40 NT01 tyres on 9" rims and to be honest there wasn't that much of a visible difference in the sidewall angle when fitted and on the car. not as much as I expected anyway. I think a 235/40 on a 8" rim would be ok, but it will be a bit sloppy compared to it on a 9" rim. that said, I remember one of the guys in QLD with the yellow silvia (SC_180 or something arather) had 255/40 all round on 9" rims with no issues, so going by that your 235 on a 8" rim will probably be fine
  5. Folks first post is up to date. Plenty of parts left grab yourself a bargain
  6. Where do you buy all your parts from?

    Just jap goes alright too for some things that TAARK or Kudos dont have. They're my 3 domestic choices before i go to jesse streeter for parts in japan or the US stores like mazworx or conceptz
  7. RB25 coil pack valley cover: $20 in excellent original condition
  8. S13/180sx front seat belts: $20ea.... no rips or frays. perfect working order when removed. have mounting bolts and buckles also included.
  9. 5 x RB25 coil packs from a series 1 Stagea: $40.... were working fine but upgraded RB25 auto radiator: $20.... no leaks or damage. worked fine but upgraded. Good to have as a spare for our bullshit-hot summers RB25 radiator fan: $20.... no damage. pulls heaps more air than an SR20 fan HKS super sucky sucky long time air filter with AFM adapter: $20 SOLD BLITZ cannon exhaust stainless silencer: $20.... knocks a few louds off your exhaust note so you can sneak home without pissing off the neighbors Space saver with new tyre: $10..... sweet paint job and even better offset. will make your CA18DE auto single-peg like a champ.
  10. R33 RB25 air box: $40 R33 RB25 air box snorkel: $40 Nissan S15 engine mounts: $100 ..... came with a motor I bought but I'm told (and they look) unused. C34 Series 1 Stagea suspension. Potenza Damper for wagon: $200.... unknown kms, were in the car when I bought it. no knocks or leaks. feel about the same as the nismo suspension that replaced them.
  11. Few extra bits found while taking photos..... 180sx bonnet heat lining. If yours is in worse shape than this, come get it before I bin it: Binned Turbosmart boost T: $15 Bosch 044 fuel pump (genuine, of course!) bought by mistake. still in original packaging: $140 SOLD
  12. 17x9+12 volk gramlight 57D, luminous orange colour (set): $1500... as is with 235/40 and 255/40 Nitto NT01 semi-slicks - good tread left but few years old 17x9+12 volk gramlight 57D, satin black colour (set): $1200 (new in box) 17x9.5+15, 18x10+25 advan RS, silver colour (set): $2000... 17s are fitted with 235/40/17 Federal 595 (old but good tread) and 18s fitted with 245/40/18 Federal RSR been fitted for a few years but never driven on. 17x9+37 volk emu, black colour (pair): $400 $200.... no tyres fitted. plenty of marks on them. good skid wheels. 4/5 multi-stud. 17x8+32 volk emu, black colour (single): $100... fitted with a 235/45 potenza tyre. kept as a spare but never needed it. 4/5 stud
  13. SR20 alloy coolant resevoir: $30 SOLD SR20 remote oil cooler sandwich plate and filter mount: $50 (new) SOLD (speedflow fittings pictured can be included for $30 extra) GREDDY alloy power steering, water pump pulleys: $50 SOLD (alternator pulley not included sorry) APEXI DECS tacho: $300 (new) was fitted and wired up but swapped to a digi dash before it ever got used. Super cool old school discontinued Japness that should have been more popular than it was. cost me nearly $600 SOLD APEXI gauge controller: $40 (new) SOLD TAARKS S13/180sx poly-carbonate door windows: $100... pre-moulded and drilled ready to install for a factory fit. Weigh half as much as standard. never fitted SOLD 180SX tinted rear hatch glass: $20 SOLD 180SX Type X park lights: $50 SOLD 180SX Type X wing (white): $300 SOLD 180SX Type X headlights: $100.... these have the metal housing so can accept higher power bulbs without melting. SOLD 180SX Type X rear bar skirt/valance $100 SOLD 180SX Type X power window switches: $10 SOLD APEXI air intake (filter and AFM adapter): $30 SOLD