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  1. HI, just after a pair of tyres. 2 x KU31 in 215/35/19 shipped to 3082. Thanks
  2. Hey, how much are a full set of the KU31, 215/35/19 shipped to Melb, 3082. Thanks
  3. Honda Ownership Thread

    YEAR/MAKE/MODEL 2004 Honda Accord Euro Lux COLOUR Nighthawk Black Pearl ENGINE HARDWARE K24A3 2.4 I-Vtec ENGINE ACCESSORIES K&N Typhoon SRI/CAI DRIVELINE meh...Auto BODYWORK Nil BRAKES AND SUSPENSION Tein Super Street Coilovers Ingalls Rear Camber Kit WHEELS 16" stockies INTERIOR GADGETRY nothing yet...yet to figure out how i want the dash to look like
  4. 2007 G1 Round 1 highlights Video

    Blo0dy awesome vid mate, top stuff once again. RoFL @ Rain Dance....hahaha Great chase car footage and effects used through-out the vid. Keep up the top notch work mate
  5. BBT ruined by TMU

    Found this from O.H. Forums, Credz to mini_s2ooo. Ummm, Rave Circle?...RoFFLes, nice work to the boys in blue.
  6. Todays WRX photoshoot

    Awesome pics as always mate So like i assume theres some packages or drugs in teh trunk?
  7. Just Got T-Boned in my cuzs car

    Faaaaa, you reckon the red light cammy caught it? Good to hear you guys a alright though.
  8. Tonights photos!

    Say is the blue Rexy Ralph's car? Awesome fotos btw mate
  9. when drifting the same way just isnt good enough

    Faaa love that trick, i remember them doing that, but with their S15s in '05 ( i think ). Still insaneeeee buttt....LOL
  10. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!!11111oneone I assume everyone is out and drinking like nuts...LOL
  11. Official ~Live For Speed~ Thread

    heh, Jimmy is like teh pr0z0r at LFS......
  12. Official ~Live For Speed~ Thread

    Yeah i payed 59 bucks for it a few months ago.....played the demo for 3 years....i think thats too long...LOL
  13. Nissan Skyline GTE, with RB25DE.

    o0o0o0o, Congratz you two....whered Brent go, tell him to stop chasing birds, coz they aint gonna poop on him and give him good luck. Interesting essay/report you wrote ( yes i read it all jimmy.... ). So when you get the car, and take foto fotos at King Edward Park, i expect to see you and brent in bikinis posing....ROFL!!!!! jkz.......
  14. My Cefiro drift car - More pics inside

    Ahhkaiz, but i guess the wing adds more ....umm......visual points looks......LOL You getting more mods done? coz i wanna see that Ceffy make more smokey