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  1. Zombieland

    yeah wasnt as funny as the made it out to be but definitely the best zombie movie i have seen in ages..
  2. The Cleveland Show

    i thought by the 4th episode it got heaps better.. its no family guy and never will be but as a stand alone show its not too shabby
  3. go fast music

    papa roach- infest rise against- any album
  4. Best lyrical line

    Vinnie Paz- The Game I'm the American Taliban I love my weaponary, it's from Japan If I don't know you, don't converse with me just slap my hand Or else your forcing me to cock it f**king back in blam It ain't a loss to me, you soft as f**king bags of sand I stay with the heavy metal like merciful fate Until I see the separation of church and the state They take advantage of dying lives and seldom So f**k the liars and the lying liars who tell em' And f**k everybody who say that I'm not on my game And f**k the Catholics, supported the Nazi regime I'm the reason that logic in the philosophers dream And the reason that I deposit a shot in your splean And while you worry about the second coming of your Jesus There's a connection to vaccines and other diseases They hurtful procedures and use the tools well Thats why they try to keep you from the water fuel cell I feel like putting a gat to my dome Cos they faggots and they liars like the Vatican throne I bring the life into a track like I'm Lazarus Home So never f**k around with me, I'm a statue of stone
  5. Q-tips track

    just looked on the triple j website and its Q-Tip Won't Trade
  6. Q-tips track

  7. Rx7 series 4 with windows open

    is the police aware sticker a common thing? seen a car at barker maccas with one and thought wtf..
  8. i got quoted 85(for all four) from white walls sa, which i thought was good and even tho im in the hills he didnt want ne more cash
  9. old school hip hopers talk to me

    ice cube war & peace albums are pretty good listens..
  10. old school hip hopers talk to me

    also check out Bumpy Knuckles Aka Freddie Foxx
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Q-Tips "The Renaissance" The Boxer Rebellion "Union"
  12. old school hip hopers talk to me

    just listening to Q-Tips album and its pretty good, very reminiscent of the tribe called quest shizz
  13. home builders

    i have a steel framed home and we havent had ne issues, it doesnt creak or ne thing..
  14. home builders

    we just got in contact with this mob- http://www.masterbuilders.com.au/index.asp and they told us if there were any previous issues with builder..