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  1. This is a thread for people who are buying a new turbo to be able to see what other guy's are using and what power figures they are making with what mods. Make and model: Size of engine: Modifications to the car: Type of turbo: Trim of turbo: Rear Exhaust housing: When does vehicle begin boost: When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; What brand: What lift/duration etc: Max power achieve at what boost: Also feel free to post up Dyno sheets aswell. This thread is for references only, so can people please post up their mods and what power they are making with their aftermarket turbo's. we dont' need any posts with standard turbo's. There is to be no discussion, this is a reference thread only. if you want to ask any questions please pm the member. any discussion will be deleted. Also please use the template provided, just copy and past into your new post. this will make browsing and searching easier.
  2. 180sx Parts Galore - $100

    Price : $100 Condition : Used Hey guys, Sold my car and have a sh!t load of standard parts for sale.. Parts range from Driver & Passenger Doors Driver & Passenger Mirrors Bonnet Boot hatch (with window + tint) Standard Suspension All hubs and brakes front and rear with braided front lines Standard intercooler 350z Wheels painted black 180sx Injectors (standard blue) 180sx fuel tank (complete) with Walbro 255l/hr fuel pump inside. Plus plenty more! Do not hesitate to send me a text message and i will let you know if i have it or not.. Cheers Sean, 0413397417
  3. Wide body S13 build

    cool car mate
  4. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Nice build bro
  5. Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Kilometres : 120 Price : $15,500 Condition : Used Hey Guys, It pains me to do this, but the time has come where i must sell my beloved 180sx. The car is in MINT condition, turns heads regardless of where you go and is the last of its kind and also a very rare colour within the 180sx models. I have stripped, resprayed, rebuilt and modified this car from scratch. Everything except the turbo was bought brand new, i can supply ALL the standard parts (minus the exhaust) The car is mechanically fine, tyres are basically new and drives like a dream. I bought the car with 120,000 genuine kilometers about 3 years ago and have since driven about 5,000km (give or take) The turbo setup was purchased about 2,000kms ago from Japan and was one of Shinji Minowas setups at one point, the car was tuned at Chasers Motorworks and made 265rwkw safely at 21psi. On the street, the car feels very snappy and fun regardless what gear. List of Modifications below: Engine Apexi pod filter Z32 AFM Nismo 740cc injectors Blitz k450-r turbo (custom .60 rear housing) Blitz custom cast iron manifold with heat shield Biltz external dump pipe Biltz 38mm external wastegate Blitz 3inch front pipe Blitz metal intake pipe Blitz CS Front mount intercooler and piping Nistune ECU tuned by Chasers Motorworks. Kakimoto cat back Custom made twin flute rear exhaust with stainless muffle inserts (twin 3inch) Engine Dampner Steering Tien Tie rods Tien Tie rod ends Tien rack spacers Suspension HSD HR fully adjustable Coilovers with Camber tops Driftshop Fully adjustable castor arms Moonface roll center adjuster ball joints all round Front strut brace Rear strut brace Whiteline fully adjustable front sway bar Whiteline fully adjustable rear sway bar Whiteline D-Rubber sway bar bushes Nolathane link pin bushes with new sway bar links Nolathane subframe bushes Driveline Nismo 2 way LSD ORC Twin plate clutch Nismo clutch fork pivot ball Nismo braided clutch line with pipe eliminator Brand new slave cylinder Brand new master cylinder C's shorter/strengthened shifter Brakes R33 4 pot brakes (front) 350mm slotted rotors (front) Uras high temp front pads Braided brake lines front and rear Brand new Z32 master cylinder valved to suit brake upgrade R33 twin pot brakes (rear) Uras high temp rear pads R33 drum handbrake setup Interior DEFI gauges x 3 (with module) Takata 4 Point seatbelts (Drivers & Passenger) Pioneer head unit with ipod cable Pioneer front speakers VDO Rear pod speakers Bride shifter boot cover Momo Shifter knob Drift button Nardi style steering wheel B piller floor pan monkey brace Rear hatch chassis brace Tyres Front - Falken Semi Slicks Rear - Federal 595s Lights HID - Kit. Custom made (by me) Parkers and Indicators, The reason for this is because i hate the standard type x indicators in the bar. Cooling System Blitz radiator cap Nismo Thermostat Cooling Pro Alloy radiator (oversize) Billion top and bottom radiator hoses Asking price is $15,500 ONO. Say what you will but i am not interested in swaps or low ball offers. Contact me on 0413397417 for any enquiries. Cheers Sean.
  6. Hey, Haven't been on in a while, got some stuff to sell but cant post it? The private for sale forum says it has 36,000+ replies, i click into it and it displays nothing. Please explain. Cheers Seano
  7. Body kits

    Hey peeps. Looking for a body kit for my 180sx asap.. Who in melbourne sells good quality kits nowadays? Been searching the forum for an hour cant find anything. Chasing up a GP sports kit.. Cheers
  8. Hey guys, posting this up in victoria section as it relates to Vic. Basically i am chasing up Metallica tickets or single ticket for the 18th of november concert. If anyone has any tickets for sale please send me a pm, we can work out a price and arrange a pickup etc.. Thanks peeps.
  9. Vessi's 180

    Test fit of the wheels was great car looked awesome. Great offsets and sizes, hanging to see the wheels in black. Good job Vess.
  10. hey people, looking at getting a new turbo soon. Thing is i wanted a td06 because they are awesome and proven performers. until i stumbled across this little beauty... http://www.turboneticsinc.com/products/ind...;category_id=84 what are peoples opinions on this new family of turbo from turbonetics? are turbonetics turbos reliable? will this new family of turbo keep up with the japanese style turbos eg trust, apexi etc etc' anyone tried any of these? i was thinking of the gt-k 325, 275-375 hp, so 202kw - 270kw with a .48 rear housing!! This would be ideal for a 2ltr sr20, also with a 4 bolt t2 flange for direct fitment what more could you want?? views from people who aint duds thanks.
  11. Vessi's 180

    Hell yeah!!! Love the pics vess cars look tough, and the pic with bubba is tough as nails!!
  12. My 180

    I miss this car everyday!
  13. bought a ring

    this girl on my comp looks exactly like her.. wierd.
  14. tapping oil feed for sr20de+t

    rofl that dude just failed miserably. How the hell would an oil flush, flush out metal filings when some of the oil feed openings are slightly bigger then a blob of ink on a peice of paper? fail.
  15. Owned

    FK YEAH!!!!! thats it granps go get em'!! thats definately a story to tell the grand kids eh..
  16. It takes 2 to tango sweetheart. Call off your lap dog, and the conversation will stop I'm not her lap dog bud, I'm her great Dane lol
  17. I will always stick up for my woman regardless of the conversation. To me, I haven't taken Offence and I have played this like a sport because the last 8 hours of my day has been nothing but joy. For that I thank you all. Of course you can never judge true character over the Internet hence the reason I didn't feel the need to question anyone including clairexxs comments.
  18. Again clairexx, another unthought post. No one knows brad Pitt or Angelina, still slot of people are jealous.
  19. No need to dig anything out of a barrel chappy. The thread was a serious thread which clairexx had posted personal information which some including myself took seriously as we had no reason to doubt her word. That issue has already been resolved. As for people like yourself chappy and phee also, who post sly remarks like the remark "Vessi gets it" just indicates there is some sort of jealousy and resentment towards vess on phees behalf, which is quite sad. As for caustic, why take this seriously? You sound fairly intelligent I'm sure you can read the comments.
  20. As for the comment about vess Phee, that was a bit below the belt i think, what are you implying? I have noticed a common trend with your post over precious years towards Vessi. Does she have something you don't, does she intimidate you or something? It almost seems to me as though you are jealous of something. Correct me if I am wrong of course.
  21. Lol phee you make me laugh, you were a fence sitter up until the majority attack the minority and then you give your two cents worth.. Pretty funny actually. Chappy, What ever makes you feel more of a man bud. Your obviously the ns hero now so good job, quite an achievement.
  22. You are a total co*khead. Yes i am making that judgement of what you have written. You seem to be one of those people that in real life is too scared to say a word and their voice trembles whenever a women speaks to them, but behind a computer, YOU ARE THE KING! yeh baby, you are it! Haha, that's it? That's all you have? Aww, it hurts too much, so i must be some kid behind a keyboard haha. In real life you would hate me more, because i speak my mind to everybody, and i take pleasure in pissing off princesses like you. Quick, use those tears to take some more myspace camwhorage. I really care too little for this convo to ride this thread into banland. Grow up dude, just because your not intelligent enough to express an actual solid opinion on a public forum therefore feel as though putting down a female because you feel that it validates you as a man when intact it does the opposite.
  23. What good is a forum without intellectual conversations? Like I said, and I will make it clear again. Don't come into a serious topic and post personal experiences about yourself and your situations without being able to take critisicm. If people post something in a serious thread I will take their comment seriously as I have no reason to question their personality or life experiences/morals etc. I base my opinion on what is said. Clairexx was a perfect example.
  24. Exactly. I don't know clairexx personally. She made a post about her personal experiences, I have no reason to question her as I don't know her, thereore I make my judgement purely on what she writes. It's a serious thread of course I will take what anyone writes as a serious comment.