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  1. Roll Centre Adjustment.

    i've recently put in gktech v3 knuckles front and rear and some hardrace rca tie rod ends. the difference is night and day for a lowered car. i use my car for grip setup and don't need the custom LCA but if you can afford to spend the money on these mods it will probably be one of the best investment. this is for the s13/180sx chasis.
  2. Nistune worth it for s15 stock turbo 14psi?

    nistune can do flex. on e85 i have seen 3 s15 make around 215-220kw. very punchy mid range. perfect for a street and mild track car. anymore power and you'll risk blowing fhe 6 speed
  3. Track tyres and the size game

    r888r is a faster compound than the nt01. i have run nt01 for a while now and they are a good entry level semi slick. they feel almost very much like a fast road tyre than a semi slick tbh. when you step it up to the hankook z221 or the advan ao50 the grip level is on another level. as for tyre sizing find a combination dont wont rub or limit your castor settings/alignment. 225 is a little on the skinny side and is an unpopular size for semis.
  4. Let's Talk Brake Pads!

    ^ just be weary when driving off cold, they won't react like normal brake pad should you need to come to a surprise stop. once warmed up its a different story, beast of a pad. great combo too
  5. im running the trak life eck silvia cop kit (yaris coils) at 27psi and have no breakdown in spark. pissing off the ignitor and running a modern coilpack kit for less than oem replacement sealed the deal
  6. [SYD] S13/180SX Parts

    about $20
  7. [SYD] S13/180SX Parts

    Hi Guys, just clearing out parts i have left in the garage. 1. JIC Magic Coilovers to suit S13/180SX. Was used in my track car and have performed very well. no leaks or knocks. Unsure of spring rates but car is firm. It is height and damper adjustables (16 clicks) Doesn't come with C Spanner. SOLD 2. BC 264 Camshaft to suit non vct sr20. Was installed in my 180sx track car for 10 000klms. No damage and is kept in an oiled bag. $SOLD 3. Hardrace engine and gearbox mounts to suit S13-S15. Installed for less than 2000klms. Went with polyurethane mounts with Z32 gearbox conversion. $140firm 4.Walbro 255L fuel pump. Used and in perfect condition SOLD 5. Apexi Dump Pipe 3inch. has some scrapes but works fine. $SOLD 6. MSCN Oil catch can with breather filter $80 firm 7. S14 S2 5 Speed SR20DET gearbox. Has a second gear crunch. $250 firm .Any questions please PM me. No Lowballers please. Location: Western Sydney Contact: PM
  8. Bang for your Buck! S15 Upgrades?

    suspension brakes and tyres would be a good start. mca blue coilovers, upgraded pads and disc, and any performance street tyres will improve greatly on the stock platform.
  9. bump, negotiable on remaining items.
  10. Hey Guys, just clearing out parts i have left in storage that i dont need. 1. BNIB Five0 750cc Sidefeed Injectors (X4) to suit Silvia S13-S15 - SOLD 2. Genuine Greddy Universal Top Feed 720cc (X4) Injectors - SOLD 3. Genuine Sard Fuel Pressure regulator AN-6 - SOLD 4. Genuine Garrett GT3071 .64 Turbo (2000klms, no shaft play. can come with SR dump and front pipe) - SOLD 5. Apexi Power FC D Jetro to suit s13/180sx blacktop (non type x) comes with map sensor and hand controller - $880 ono 6. S14 s2 SR20DET 5 Speed Gearbox (second gear synchro a little worn) - $250ono 7. New Topstage Evo 5/6 Carbon Wing Blade - $220 Any questions or request for more pics please PM me. All items located in Western Sydney, will post at buyers expense.
  11. bump, some enquiries about the z32 being genuine, yes it is.
  12. whats your purpose with the power ? if its a street car it will feel pretty laggy. could downgrade to a gtx3067 or gtx2867 if you want a good balance between response and power. but yeah definetely twinscroll will help on a non vct sr20 with a 30 frame turbo
  13. Hey Guys, have a few parts that i have been storing for a while but won't be needing anymore. 1. S13/S14/S15 Silvia Evo Brembo Brake Package - Evo 8 Brembo front caliper freshly painted red with white stickers - RDA Evo slotted and dimpled front rotors 80% meat left - Touge Factory v2. bracket adapters - AP front braided lines Price: SOLD 2. BNIB Genuine Z32 AFM $240 3. BNIB Five 0 750cc Side Feed Injectors X4 for SR20DET $380 Any questions or extra pics please contact me via PM Location: Western Sydney Contact: PM Will post the small stuff, but the brembo package can be freighted at your own expense and booking.
  14. SR20VET powered s15 - SR22VET time

    solid result, wouldn't worry too much about peak power because look at all that usable power from the midrange. time to get some sticky rubber to see what this car can really do at wakefield. see you out there !
  15. If its the last resort and being $1600, are all your other options taiwanese/cheap coilovers ? Im not having a go, i have used bc and dont rate it one bit unless its a track car that never sees the street. Its worth it waiting a little longer for a quality bit of kit.