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  1. Steve Aoki puts on a really good set. i saw him last October when he played at Hotel Richmond. the guy is crazy
  2. Since he was areested they would have set him a court date and released him on bail, he wont lose his license till his court date a few months down the track yeh and in the mean time he can go around and do more skids
  3. The guy didnt lose his license. only got his car impounded for a few days. Im also thinking its a political stunt - theres new legislation going through after the election to give police the right to take a license away on the spot
  4. FUTURE MUSIC 2010

    Spotted Matty1J off his chops down rundle after haha Above & Beyond were awesome, im not a real trance person but thought they went off Ajax was good to start the day off The Prodigy were good as usual Apparently Boys Noize was moved to 630?? anyone see him?
  5. FUTURE MUSIC 2010

    haha thats awesome aussie. ready indeed with the weather thats forecast!!!
  6. FUTURE MUSIC 2010

    Is it true the prodigy and guetta have pulled out of adelaide??? (not trying to start any rumours, but just heard) hope its just the usual rumours before tommorow
  7. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    Biggie i have PMed you. Chef check your facebook msgs
  8. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    Hahaha Gotta love the 80s porn music Cush
  9. All Japan Day 2010 Review

    Another great example of how a car show should be! great weather, great cars and no silly shit (bar a couple of those that think blow off compensates for the size of their penis) Uploading my pictures now, tried to get most. Sorry if i missed. Can email to those if wishing large res. FlickR set: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mattjzx100/sets/72157623524901474/ Few samples: Cheers, P.s. Thanks to organisers (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
  10. Cush are you able to hook me up with the photo vantage point again ?
  11. Its going to be 20 degrees and thunderstorms at 12am apparently Richmond Hotel is where its at. Groove terminator and Reelax playing
  12. Midsummer Circus Canceled!

    saying that if anyone has a spare ticket i will buy it cheers
  13. Midsummer Circus Canceled!

    yeh not happy. day i get paid, i log on and go to buy tickets and they are sold out. f**king bullshit
  14. Midsummer Circus Canceled!

    ARCADE | 2010 - A Never to be Repeated Edition... 2 Levels, 6 International Acts, 1 Massive party!!! Arcade is kicking 2010 off with a bang with the biggest line up to play in a small club EVER!!! Never has such a big line up ever been assembled under one roof the size of Electric Circus in the Southern Hemisphere and THIS WILL NEVER BE REPEATED!!! This is a once in a life time event with some of the biggest acts from around the world congregated for one massive party to kick start the year at Electric Circus... In order to fit this many International Acts in we're spreading the party over 2 levels - Electric Circus and Limbo. Both opening at the same time but featuring different artists. The line up for each rooms is as follows: ELECTRIC CIRCUS Featuring. 2 MANY DJ'S - http://www.myspace.com/2manydjs FAKE BLOOD - http://www.myspace.com/welovefakeblood THE PROXY (Live) - http://www.myspace.com/useproxy Harris Robotis Loot & Plunder Def Starr (Live) Prince Aaronak LIMBO Featuring. JACKBEATS - http://www.myspace.com/jackbeats TREASURE FINGERS - http://www.myspace.com/treasurefingers RITON - http://www.myspace.com/ritontime Japeye K-Von Alley Oop She Said ★ TICKETS $35+bf ★ http://tickets.fuzzy.com.au/event.aspx?id=33187&pLock=1&vip=&skin=617&ref=fuzzywebsite ★ DOORS OPEN 9PM ★ *** Due to the size and nature of this event, doors will be open from 9PM and closed at 11PM - NO ENTRY AFTER 11PM!!!*** Strictly NO PASS OUTS - JUST DANCING!!! This is A NEVER TO BE REPEATED EVENT!!! Limited tickets left... Get in quick for this one. What a way to start 2010. God Bless Arcade. xo http://www.arcadedisco.com.au http://www.electriccircus.com.au http://www.myspace.com/arcadedisco -------------------------------------------------------------------------- BANANAS | 2010 If you would like to see KRAFTY KUTS, SINDEN, TECHNOTRONIC or RENNIE PILGREM & MC CHICKABOO... Then check out BANANAS 2010 on the same night upstairs in ROCKET BAR... Tickets $35+bf. Check out... http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=218574178550
  15. Modern Warfare 2 Prestige edition.

    MattJZX Add me Up for spec ops, but mainly play team deathmatch or demolition cheers