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  1. try googling kumho ecsta xs Thanks for that - much appreciated.
  2. Email sent regarding KU36 to Adelaide. Also enquired about prices for Kumho Ecsta V70A (I realise they are not listed as a part of this special). I look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers.
  3. GTR Owners Club Roll Call

    WOW! That will be impressive. I have gunmetal grey 1989 R32 GTR with 18"x10" BBS LM wheels and lots of other mods.
  4. Buying R32 GTR's with rebuilt engines

    Seems a bit unlikely doesn't it. The only GTR engine rebuild I've ever witnessed was my own. Actually come to think of it I never even saw the work get done. I think that receipts would be enough evidence - you can always call or visit the workshop that did the rebuild.