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  1. In need of a White R35 GTR

    Have you posted this on SAU also? probably better luck over there
  2. Didn't Sentinel Prime or Deej crash land on the moon or something? All I'm sayin is I have a bad feeling about going there... Any hot moon bitches though and I'm down.
  3. things that annoy you

    check Facebook sales, some *milkshake* was selling genuine rota grids a few days ago... kids these days.
  4. things that annoy you

    I'd take that over all the houso *enchilada's* in this country. Rules: Anything Paul Walker, this tard died over 2 weeks ago and every where I go people are losing their minds. Even my f**king gf gets mad when I tell her his death is nothing when measured against any of the soldiers, police, fireman or even Nelson Mandela that died the following week. Him and his mate were hooning and they hit a tree, get off his cock. That and some other *enchilada* that was selling 'genuine Rota Grids' on drift sales yesterday. WHAT THE f**k?
  5. Agreed, hard jobs are the only reason my tool set grows these days.
  6. It depends what you're doing with the tools/how much work you do on your own car. I buy them as I need them, so over the last few years I have collected a fair bit including: socket sets metric and imperial, 1/2" and 3/8" breaker bars and extra extensions of all sizes impact sockets deep sockets impact gun/drill driver ring/open end spanners ratchet spanners pliers, side cutters, circlip pliers, needle nose pliers screw driver sets allen key sets metric and imperial gapping tool hammers bleeder tools caulking gun machinist ruler torque wrench probably a lot of other stuff I have forgot but this has allowed me to do a LOT of things myself at home
  7. SR20 temp on track

    For $500 you can get an ASI radiator from ISC and oil cooler from Just Jap. There may even be enough left over to get a GK Tech fan too and 1.3 bar cap. I run these 4 things and thrashed my S13 at winton for 20 mins at a time and it never went over 100, oil or water.
  8. Maybe this will curve some idiots' enthusiasm knowing they could burn to death trapped in their own cars.
  9. Kemp, you and I are going to get along juuuuust fine
  10. He made movies. big f**king deal. hundreds if not thousands of people died that same day, some were children dying of starvation, some were soldiers fighting in a country they never asked to be in. This idiot and his apparently professional race car driving mate, on a street where the speed limit would be no more than 50mph, were going in all probability double that, nearly breaking the car in two and burning themselves to death. Just because he made movies doesnt excuse his actions, none of you would give two shits if it were some random L plater hitting a pole and dying. Get off his cock for 5 mins and separate the action from the status of the individuals.
  11. Exactly, last time I checked carbon fibre monocoque chassis' have a pretty hard time exploding at 60mph.
  12. It's not hindsight, it's foresight. If nobody can learn from a RACE CAR DRIVER losing control of a PORSCHE GT without crashing one for themselves, then there really is nothing anyone can do to stop more sick *milkshakes* flogging it through the streets thinking they are the former.
  13. If you knew what I do for a living and what being caught breaking road rules would cost me, you wouldn't have to ask me that. I won't let anyone end my career for me by being a dick.
  14. Yeah, and that would have made the car burst into flames split in two because they were on a charity cruise... Still a pair of idiots. Disclaimer: I know PW wasn't driving, but he wasn't having a gun held to his head either. Akso if this occured on a race track I would be saying bad luck and be in sympathy.
  15. He was the passenger... No shit, but the point still stands. If he wanted to see his car thrashed around or if it belonged to old mate (apparently a race car driver...) then he should have taken it to the track. And don't try to wash it off because some of us have hooned in the past, while that may be true for some I learnt my lesson almost the hard way after nearly cracking my skull on my roll cage with no padding street drifting. Since then I have never done it, always gone to the track. You would think a race driver and star of a cult driving film would have more sense between them than 18yo me... I have zero sympathy for this cock and his mate, had he crashed into a school or an oncoming car you would all be singing different tunes, the fact they were the only victims of their stupid act is about the only good to come from this.